《Lady Dhampir》 Chapter

Our young Lady
A Dhampir
The only One
The Royal Palace
Prince Ellias
The Crescent Knights
Assassination Attemp
Archduchess Maribella
The Queens Tea Party
Noble Houses
Become a Princess
Prince Rayan
The Three Rivals
The Oracles Prophecies
Milenas Prophecy
The Secre
The young Mistress
The Snakes
Smile and Silence
Milenas innocence
Fire and Blood
Tears of the Goddess
The Princes dates
My Dear Friend
Save this Kingdom
The Cruel Duchess
Strong Ladies
A Red Drop
Impolite Visi
Lazy Knigh
Protect a Sibling
Vermillion Lands
The Future of Glass
Red Roses
Three Months Later
Of Sand and Fire
House of Lies
Midnight Bite
Moonlight Ride
The Creature
The Better Twin
From Old Legends
Crazy Theories
Blanches Memories
The Queens Selection
A cold Spring Ball
The 12 Candidates
Not too Kind
Nightmares, Darkness and a Crown
Sun & Moon
The Best King
A Rumor
Her Heroine
Noble Ladies
Dinner Time
A Good Housewife
Fussy & Complicated
A New Ally
Love is Weak
Bright Minds
Pride, Wits & Arrogance
Secrets and Prophecies
Flowers are a Luxury
On the Battlefield
Thirsty Eyes
A Scary Truth
The Creations
Princes liars
Their Enemies
Break your Hear
b****y Kiss
Milenas Choice
Poisoned Blood
Jealous Rivals
A fair Game
The Future Wife
The Queens Favorite
The young Generation
Act like a Queen
In the North
Token of Passion
The Targets
No Crown
The Future Princess
The Last Day
The Black Dress
The future heirs
Elizias Happiness
The Selection
The Cheater
Betrothal Party
Shot Down
The Society of Vampires
Father & Daughter
Nuptial Agreemen
A vampires hotness
Childhood Memories
The Rubies
In the Kings Gallery
The Broken Doll
The Sham
The Dogs
Masks, Makeup & Masquerade
Date night ou
The Auction
The Holy Ones
The Churchs power
Hidden truths & traitors
Decipher a Prophecy
Rayan & Blanche
Tiphanias Ambition
A Royal Dinner
In-Law Issues
The Fire
Ashes over Ashes
Failure & Vengeance
Milenas Return
Bridal Gown
Wedding Ceremony
Princess Milena
About Popularity
Different Paths
Wedding Nigh
I dont Love you
Royal Life
Workload & Common Sense
Milenas Fever
Rayans Wrath
Council Meeting
Another Agreemen
Lyrianas Dilemma
The Dhampirs Fate
Politics, Greed & Fate
The Heirs Choice
For the Future
Wedding before tears
A Long Nigh
A long Council Meeting
Women in Power
Legendary Duel
Against House De Winter
A Funeral
Under the cloaks
Too Good
Too Late
Innocents and Guil
A Blood Sacrifice
Raphael De Crescen
If you Stay
Without Words
The Grand Princess
Milenas Tears
Three Titles
After the Council
Last Days
Remember Us
Warnings & Threats
Breakfast and Plans
Cold Kisses, Sweet Blood
Milenas Gif
Goodbye, Farewell.
Interlude 1 - Rayan
Interlude 2 - Valentin
Interlude 3 - Lucian
Interlude 4 - Philip
Interlude 5 - Rayan
Interlude 6 - Lucian
Interlude 7 - Philip
Interlude 8 - Valentin
Interlude 9 - Rayan
In the Tower
The Sain
History and Faith
Milenas Friends
Over the Pas
Mistakes are for Children
Family Women
The Research
Last Letter
A young Queen
Cry with Me
Military Council
A new Power
Mourning with Blanche
A nuanced path
Philomenie 2
Raphaels Concerns
Right thing
Dealing with Grief
The De Crescent Children
An Upset Vampire
To protect the babies
Dumb, Dumb and Dumb
The First Attack
Raphaels Decision
More Disappearances
A Spark can start a Wildfire
Back to the Castle
The Excited King
About Gods Blessing
The White Ones Loyalty
A Drunk
The births
The twins names
For their protection
The Spy
Distraction, Strategy & Tragedy
Duke & The Princess
Trusting Blanche
Betrayals and Wine
The secluded Queen
Mother & Aun
Shame and Paranoia
Old & Young Vampires
Under Attack
First Step towards the Future
Anger Rising
Philomenie 3
Bonus Scene Millie
Back Home
To the Emerald Fores
Deaf Ear
The Commanders Revenge
The Wendigo Problem
The three powers
Ones Figh
The Monster Inside
The truth about Blanche
Fighting Back
In a few days
Back-Up Plans
Use your Enemy
The Deal
The Pawn & The Dog
Wearing Purple
What could have been
A New Era
The Slap
Rayan 2
The Sevira Sisters
The Snakes Head
Vampire Faction
The Time for Action
Pathetic Excuses
You leave me no choice
Fifteen Days
Survive or Sacrifice
Empty & Shallow
Out of Time
Army of De Crescen
The Grand Scam
The Siege
The Wendigos Attack
White hair
Overdue Bulle
Not for us
Corrupt Bastard
Cold Tower
Sorry, Love
Philomenie 4
Not a Dream.
My Priority
My King
Her Allies
The Plan
Last Res
My Milena
To the Castle
Unexpected Suppor
The Imposter
To the Cells
Lock the Dead
Three Battlefields
Blood, dust, ashes, and gunpowder
Monsters in the Castle
The last one standing
Whom to Sacrifice
Beat the Master
The Twins Grudges
The White & the Black Kings
Bonus Scene - Millies Presen
Fire and Ice
Whom we los
Trials and Revelations
The Queens
The End.

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