《Addicted to you》 Chapter

1 Last nigh
2 The Tyrant emperor is a known misogynis
3 Is he that CEO Shin Keir?
4 She was a succubus
5 Coveting him is akin to suicide
6 100% natural, no silicon, injection, pills or cushions!
7 His heart is in turmoil seeing her wrapped around another man.
8 From there on, it was all passion, intense desire and affection
9 Who the hell is your girlfriend?!
10 Her hypnosis failed!
11 Out of sight, out of mind!
12 Skeletons in the close
13 The wonders of a real adult woman
14 Queen of the damned and her husbands
15 Shins belief is about to get betrayed by one single phone call
16 Since she wants to play hide and seek, he would gladly humour her!
17 Shin Keir got offended because of my beauty!
18 Yeri: I will not marry you!
19 I wonder if I can hitch a ride? Ill pay you with my body
20 What is this? the tyrant emperor is jealous?!
21 Theyre birds of a feather!
22 The only woman deserving and more than qualified to stand beside Shin Keir
23 The Keirs patriarch acknowledged her as Shin Keirs fiancee
24 What a team of black-hearted male gods!
25 The shameless Mother and daughter
26 A scandal that almost dragged down the entire Zhi clan
27 Paragon
28 Bad blood within the family
29 The foremost culprit why Shin deeply loathes women
30 He will beat all the odds just for Yeri to stay by his side!
31 You dont get to decide who I want to marry.
32 The guilt and self-reproach he was feeling prevented him from seeing her again
33 Tonight she will act as an indifferent wallflower
34 Zhi corporations new investor and shareholder
35 What if we have a fight or break-up, will you drag us to bankruptcy?
36 Klaus Zhis suspicions
37 As long as youre happy...
38 Why he cant afford to be greedy
39 The diamond bracelet and a pack of contraceptives pills
40 What gives you the confidence that I cant dodge the bullet?
41 Ill take a virginity test!
42 My shoulders are delicate and extremely precious
43 Human data
44 She got a boo-boo
45 The Shin Keir that he had known since childhood
46 It was still vivid in his mind the insanity and horror
47 You got it wrong with the sugar daddies because I only have one
48 How about a bet?
49 Shins strange dream
50 Brother Shin really knows how to pamper a woman!
51 The animosity between the two is so apparen
52 It must be a burden with two handsome men fighting for your affection
53 Are you jealous that I have a happy love life?
54 Meeting Yeris Friends
55 Stay away from Young Master Keir, hes my elder sisters fiance!
56 Hes willing to be a fool
57 Does that mean, to her, he is replaceable?
58 What more can Shin Keir ask for?
59 You must be my wife, right?
60 Tartarus- Conquerors requiem 6th global tournamen
61 Yeri suddenly shed tears
62 What matters is that youre still the legal husband
63 Imperatrix succubus
64 Calins madness
65 Secretary Yuns worries
66 The same aura as that from the Dark realm
67 Turns out even a monster can also feel lust!

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