As the already poor light kept getting dimmer, the armor started emitting a strong aura and it engaged its exoskeleton ability. Derrick knew he had bought a little time, but he had to act fast, or he would have wasted a precious opportunity. In a split second, he placed his sword between the palates of the monster. It didn't immediately feel it and continued shutting its jaws. The sword finally drew blood and it splattered everywhere.

When it felt the excruciating pain, it let out a wild and savage roar. Its black eyes now had a crimson taint, and they were filled with rage. It never thought that a weak and pathetic little human would make it yield. It survived hundreds of years and it certainly wouldn't stop there.

The creature started tumbling around and violently shaking its head, making Derrick bounce around in its mouth. The scene was almost comedic. While being thrown like a rag doll, Derrick was also doing his best to avoid the poisonous tongue. He didn't have the antidote and it would definitely kill him.

The sword had caused the monster to open its mouth a bit wider, leaving a tiny gap between the razor-sharp teeth. It was a chance Derrick would seize with all he had. After crashing on the opposite side and barely stabilizing himself, he gathered strength in his lower body and launched forward. He was basically a human missile. On his way, he did the best he could to avoid the poisonous tongue and grabbed his sword.

He started madly slashing, severely injuring various parts inside the mouth the beast. It let out ear-piercing shrieks and opened its mouth even wider, allowing Derrick to slip through and roll on the ground. He was covered in large bruises and cuts, with blood streaming down his body. A thick layer of saliva was mixed with it and a foul smell permeated the air. His armor suddenly crumbled and fell to the ground, its usage over.

[WARNING WARNING WARNING! You have been slightly poisoned! If the level gets any higher, the Hosts' body will not be able to cleanse itself and the Host will die! Stats are temporarily decreased!]

The prompt was loud and flashed through Derricks' mind like fireworks. He had to finish this fight fast. The creature kept crazily howling and shaking its head, black blood splashing everywhere.

After a few seconds, its gaze came back to Derrick, and he immediately felt enormous pressure, almost bringing him to his knees. The flow of hatred around him was overwhelming. He had pissed it off for real this time.

That's when a monstrous laughter suddenly erupted.

''HAHAHAHA... You ugly reptile! You thought you could kill me, your father?! YOU'RE TOO WEAK BITCH!!!''

In these few months, Derrick had also learned that improvisation was key to survive. The type he liked most was provocation, because it often created opportunities. Right now, he was raining insults and tried to take a domineering posture to amplify them.

The monster couldn't understand a word of what was said, but it definitely understood the general meaning. It was injured by that weak bug and that same bug was now laughing at it?! Unforgivable!!!

It didn't wait a second more and charged with all its might. The ground shook as if an earthquake was imminent. Derricks' eyes shone with excitement. It was time to end this. He had already found the creatures' weak point.

They came face to face in an instant and the monster tried to ram Derrick with its head because its mouth wasn't in a state where it could chew him to bits. Without armor, Derrick couldn't fail or his corpse would turn into paste.

He dove underneath the monster and narrowly avoided its head. While sliding on the ground, he raised his sword and jammed it through the soft belly above. Their opposite momentum continued until they were 50 meters apart. The Komodoensis had stopped moving and so had Derrick. Dark blood dripped from his sword, forming a small puddle.


The entrails of the beast left its body, forced down by gravity. Luckily for Derrick, the massive incision had been deep enough. The beast still refused to collapse for a few seconds, hatred fueling its remaining breaths.

It got Derrick's admiration as that sort of resolve was rare. After a low and miserable howl, it finally collapsed in a loud thump. He had won, but there was no time for him to celebrate. He had to address the poison in his body quickly, or he would still suffer consequences. The necromancer ran to the corpse and heard an announcement.

[Would you like to make a Contract with the Viper Varanus Komodoensis?]

He was delighted beyond belief. He had hoped to upgrade his Contracts, but it never happened, forcing him to save his last one, and he could finally reap the benefits.


The ground started rumbling and dark plasma started seeping out, gathering together. The air got heavier and heavier, almost making it unbearable. The process was clearly different from Io's and Derrick started being cautious. Low howls and cries from the dead could be heard.

The dark plasma turned into a black goo and it started floating in the air, forming the new body. Every process could be seen, from the cells to the bones to the organs. It was a gruesome view.

When it ended, the new Viper Varanus Komodoensis was 10% bigger than its past self and its previously black eyes were shining like rubies. Its shadowy figure was beautiful and terrifying. Derrick had a feeling that it would be an invaluable partner in the future. The red eyes suddenly turned to Derrick.

''I never thought you could kill me, Human!''

When he heard the voice, his heartbeat skipped, and he darted backwards, pulling the sword from his back. The fear he felt was indescribable. How could it talk?!

''Who are you?! Explain yourself!!!''


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