Lacha and Gregor were blasted back, and they were shocked beyond belief. There was only one thing in this world that had an aura this demonic and dark.

"You're a Necromancer! An evil creature that needs to be destroyed!!!"

They both roared and launched at Derrick again, not sensing the imminent danger. Seeing how ignorant and weak they were, Derricks' face twisted and a wicked smile appeared. The commotion also attracted all the soldiers in the vicinity, and he was now facing dozens of them.

"Human, do you need my help? Breathing on them should be enough to kill them hehehe..."

Drakos' coarse laugh sounded in Derrick's consciousness.

"Letting you out for these pathetic weaklings would be my greatest shame. I won't even need to use my weapon..."

While leading the soldiers, Lacha and Gregor were almost back in front of Derrick, and they were brimming with killing intent. They had heard stories of Necromancers and how they represented the scum of society.

Derricks' smile never disappeared, and he took one step forward, meeting them head-on. Just before they swung their weapons, his aura amplified and went berserk, making him explode in strength. The expression of the attackers fell, and they tried to stop their momentum, albeit too late.


With a swing of his left arm, he violently knocked Lacha to the side and with his right, pierced Gregor's chest, squeezing his beating heart. Anger, disbelief, grief... All of these emotions were rushing through Gregor as he looked at the bloodied arm inside his body.

"Pl... Plea... Please... It... was... a... mis... misunderstanding..."

The chief could barely talk as blood invaded his trachea. Derrick's smile froze and his bottomless eyes displayed a fury rarely seen in the world.

"You tried to kill me, lost and still have the fucking audacity to plead with me!?! DIE!!!"

His hand gripped with all his strength and instantly turned the heart to bits. Gregor went stiff before falling to the ground in a dull thump. The soldiers that witnessed their leaders being blown back had already stopped advancing and were stupefied.

Their chief and strongest fighter had been killed in a single move and even pleaded for his life on his deathbed. Terror now invaded their bodies, and they couldn't move an inch. Adding on the murderous aura coming from Derrick, a single emotion could be felt : despair.

Lacha, who had been gravely injured, watched the scene and trembled uncontrollably. They had rushed into this situation without assessing their opponent's intentions and strength. In a way, they had signed their death warrants.

Derrick's icy gaze fell on the soldiers and without speaking another word, he exploded forward. What ensued was a bloody rampage where limbs, heads, organs and blood flew everywhere. It was like the God of Death had descended and calamity was its salvation.

After a few minutes, silence reigned. The only remaining person was Lacha. However, her mind was blank, not able to process the atrocity that just happened.

In Derrick's mind, the familiar prompt flashed, and he went wild with joy.

[You have obtained a new skill called Death Warrior! Death Warrior allows its user to bring back a portion of humans it killed. The summoned Death Warriors will have Stage 1 strength, equivalent to Novice Soldiers. Limit of Soldiers : 100. This skill will evolve with its user]

This was a glorious skill! He had killed these soldiers mercilessly because he hated when justice was done without any merit, but he never thought he would be rewarded for it. This train of thought would have been unthinkable months ago, but his mentality had radically shifted, probably helped by the fact that his class was intimately related to death. He started looking at the aftermath he caused.

The large hut was practically destroyed and parts of corpses littered the ground. His clothes were covered in blood and guts, which made him slightly frown. He didn't want the stench to remain, so he started cleaning himself, as if it was nothing more than food stains.

"What a pity... All I wanted were directions and yet, you forced my hand..."

Derrick's voice forced Lacha out of her stupor, and she got up with difficulty. She only had a few bruises, which was ridiculously lucky considering the force of the strike.

"Sir, you said your name was Derrick? Please spare this village... They're innocent..."

Derrick had forgotten there was someone left and turned in her direction, surprised. After his demonstration, he thought the natural reaction would be to beg for one's life. She apparently had some backbone, which he quite liked. On top of it, her figure was really nice.

She had luscious black hair, piercing blue eyes and tanned skin. Her face also had some freckles, which gave her naughty air. She had a large chest and the fact that she looked in her early thirties added a mature charm. He started pondering on what he should do next. It took him a moment before a grin appeared on his face.

"Become mine and I'll take care of this village, transforming it in a kingdom"

Derrick had promised himself he wouldn't limit his possibilities in the future. However, he wouldn't latch on emotionally on any of them till he became strong enough to protect everyone in his inner circle.

On top of that, he lacked a new home and his ambitions were limitless. Was it really a home if it didn't have a woman in it? In the cave, he had planned his future ahead, and he figured that he couldn't take his revenge without an empire of his own. He wasn't delusional enough to think that the strength of a single man could conquer the world.

Hearing his demand, Lacha slightly blushed. She never expected that the merciless man would want her. The man in front of her looked fantastic and thinking back on what had just transpired, she couldn't help but nod. To protect her village, she would do anything.

Seeing her agreeing, Derrick couldn't help but smile. This village wasn't very big, but it was a start.

"Don't get me wrong, I will not touch you, but you will do as I say, understand? Remember, everyone's life rests on your shoulders"

When she heard the firm tone, her previously reddish face turned ghastly pale, nodding and realizing that he wasn't playing around. He continued.

"You're my woman now. No matter what, nothing will happen to you anymore"

He then looked at the gory scene and smirked. It was time to test his new skill.


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