All of Derricks' materials were laid in front of him. It had been a while since he crafted and it was something he really enjoyed.

He didn't have a dedicated workshop yet, so he had to impose on Lacha, which didn't mind. She sat at the other end of the table and was really curious. The materials were all from the Leshi, and they had been harvested with care, removing their previous ominous aura.

"Are you going to make weapons out of these?"

She couldn't help but ask. After all, everyone would be a little skeptic when seeing raw products without any form or shape.

"You'll see. It'll also help us gather funds. I don't know how good the weapons are in bigger cities, but I'm sure I won't lose to those in lower regions"

Derrick couldn't help but puff up his chest in pride. He really thought he made special things.

"I'm starting. Make sure nobody disturbs me"

He sent a flirtatious look at Lacha who immediately blushed. She eventually stood up and left the room, giving Derrick his private space.

The first thing Derrick wanted to make was a bow. He liked his sword, but he loved being prepared. Having a balanced fighting style was something primordial, and he had learned this the harsh way. Even if he didn't belong in the Spartan class, it didn't restrict him from mastering various weapons, albeit with more difficulty.

He took the antlers and started carving them gently with his carving knife. He was going to keep this bow, so he didn't want to make any mistake. After removing the excesses, he tested its malleability and tensile strength.

After he was satisfied, he took out a tendon he had kept from Drako's corpse. He would be using it as the bows' string. It had slightly deteriorated, but it was still a premium product. He was still cursing that damn Leshi for ruining all its ligaments.

He tied everything up together and started putting on the finishing touches. When the bow was near completion, it suddenly started emitting a maliciously benevolent aura. Derrick was startled and hurriedly finished his work.


[Dark Forest Guardian Bow]

[Grade : Legendary]

[Attack Power : 25]

[Abilities : Can immobilize a target for 2 seconds, regardless of its defenses]

[Description : Made from two beasts at the apex of their ecosystems]

Derrick couldn't stop the victorious shout that came out from his soul. This item was beyond overpowered. You had to realize that an attack power of 25 meant that it was 25 times stronger than a common citizen. On top of its already ludicrous ability, the weapon was simply unmatched.

It was also the first time Derrick had seen a weapon he made with a grade other than Unique. He was going to inquire about the various qualities when going to the city.

Hearing the commotion, Lacha had hurried in the room, but she quickly realized that he had simply succeeded in creating a gem. Derrick couldn't help himself and had to share his joy, so he took her in his embrace and gave her a long hug. She was shocked by the immediate action, but was quite happy in the end.

After a while, Derrick let her go.

"I still have work to do, sorry for this... I couldn't help myself"

She shyly giggled and left. Derrick couldn't help but stare at her perfect ass. She was indeed a beauty.

After gathering back his thoughts, it was time to make weapons to sell. He had to make sure they weren't stronger than the ones he owned, but not so weak that people would easily dismiss them.

He didn't want to make various designs, and he had a couple of Leshi's bones. The only thing that came to mind was a spear. It could be streamlined and it was possible to make multiple of them.


After 3 hours, he had completed his work. They weren't his finest creations, but it was satisfactory. There were 4 spears and they were extremely sharp. On each of them were engraved various motives that made them appealing to the eyes.

[Spiritual Spear]

[Grade : Rare]

[Attack Power : 16]

[Abilities : Unstoppable Thrust (As its name implies, the thrust of this spear is unstoppable once launched. Timer : 1 day)]

[Description : Carved from the bones of an 'overclocked' Leshi]

It was simple, but it still remained a great product, at least in Derrick's eyes. He was eager to see what kind of reception it would get. He badly needed funds to begin his future endeavors, and he was anxious to see if he could create a reputation around his craft. After all, the better your products were, the more people would fight to buy them. Plus, he really wanted to see what the cities looked like on this continent.

Ending on that note, he went to bed, exhausted. A new journey would begin tomorrow.


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