When Jacqueline finished her little introduction, the already feverish atmosphere erupted. The auctions aren't scheduled, so when one happens, everybody pays special attention and tries to attend.

Two well-dressed men appeared on the stage while pushing a cart. The item on it was covered by a black silk cloth, making the spectators murmur between each other with curiosity.

After letting the tension build up a little more, Jacqueline removed it in a fluid and beautiful movement that emphasized her grace. The item was... a plant! It was green and had small leaves shaped like folding fans.

"This plant is a 100 years old Gingko and it is renowned to help the mind. Very useful when meditating after training. The starting bid is at 20 gold!"

Everybody started bidding madly, as if their pockets were bottomless pits. Derrick wasn't interested as he had the system to help him progress.


The hall went silent and Jacqueline concluded the sale. It went to someone who looked like a scholar, which would definitely make use of it.

After a few moments, the cart came in a similar fashion. With another swift movement, Jacqueline exposed the new item. This time, it was a big purple gemstone.

"This gem is Tanzanite. Its reputation to store magic is well-known across the continent and its prowess is only limited by its supplies. This gem in particular can store an intermediate spell and unleash it whenever the caster wishes. The starting bid is 60 gold!"

Gasps could be heard throughout the room and some VIP lounges even seemed interested. Derrick was interested as well, but he didn't have a spell that could be stored and used like this, so he could only bide his time.

Just like before, everyone went in a frenzy and bid ferociously. The final bid went to the third VIP lounge on the left at a price of 150 gold, which made Derrick sigh in relief. Unless it was a vital item, he would not pay astronomical sums.

After the same routine, the cart came back on stage and the next item exposed was a thick and ancient book. With her melodious voice, she began its description.

"This book has a special origin. As the person auctioning it didn't leave us many details, we can only tell you that it's a book concerning necromancy. Yes, necromancy. Of course, as it's a banned practice, its only use is for historical records. The bid starts at 50 gold!"

Derrick couldn't believe what he had just heard. He was certainly blessed by the gods!

However, the room's enthusiasm died down somewhat because everyone was scared of giving a wrong impression by owning such a thing. Derrick waited a few moments and, after two people placed their bids, he placed his own.

"60 gold!"

Every person present was surprised and turned in the direction of Derricks' room, wondering why such an important figure would bid on something so controversial. Derrick couldn't care less about what they thought because such a book was invaluable to him. If he had to, he would even bid all his gold.

Following a long silence, Jacqueline sighed and had no choice but to award the item for the low cost of 60 gold. Derrick was excited, but it was soon followed by a sullen look. Were necromancers that persecuted on the continent?

Nevertheless, he would just have to be more careful and avoid raising suspicions.

After getting his item, Derrick laid back and enjoyed the show. Various items popped up and some would have been great for him, but, as he was strapped for cash, he could only endure and hope that the next time he came, he would have more funds.

When the auction came to its end, it was finally time to see the true value of his craft.

After a brief recess, Jacqueline once again appeared and smiled brilliantly to the crowd.

"Dear guests, the final items that'll be auctioned have been obtained today by a source that requested to remain anonymous. Without further ado, here they are!"

This time, instead of a cart, four well-built butlers arrived from the backstage, each one holding a spear. When the crowd saw the items, they were shocked and some even rose from their seats.

Instead of an oral description like the previous items, a magic screen started hovering over Jacqueline and it showed the weapon's description.

[Spiritual Spear]

[Grade : Rare]

[Attack Power : 16]

[Abilities : Unstoppable Thrust (As its name implies, the thrust of this spear is unstoppable once launched. Timer : 1 day)]

[Description : Carved from the bones of an 'overclocked' Leshi]

The people that were already shocked nearly fainted from excitement, and butlers from the VIP rooms could be seen hurrying around. Derrick was, once again, shocked. Brigand had explained their values, but not to that extent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, these four pieces come in a set that is valued at 400 gold. May the best win!"

"450! Please give face to the Gerald's family, we will owe you a favor"

"500! The Gerald family can fuck off for all I care!"

"550! Anyone else that bids will meet our wrath!!!"

"Bahahaha, your wrath ain't worth shit! 600!"

The noble family representatives were almost in a fist-fight over the weapons while the VIP rooms were evaluating their worth, making sure that they wouldn't overpay. They knew it was a sound investment, but to what extent was the question. After a few bids, that had brought their value to 800, the room right next to Derrick made its move.



Even the other rooms were shocked. 800 had already been a lot, but a thousand was another ball game. Everyone really wanted these weapons, but they couldn't afford to cripple their finances while doing so.

As such, the majority of the bidders reluctantly bowed out, throwing envious glances at the room that had made such a rich bid.

Meanwhile, Derrick was jumping around like a kid, to the dismay of his butler.

"I'll be able to hire the best specialists there are! FUCK YES!"

That was the only thing he could think about.

After a few seconds, Jacqueline called the last transaction of the night and profusely thanked everyone for attending.

After the conclusion, Derrick received his book and payment, which ended up being a massive 940 gold coins. The pouch was so large that Derrick's eyes couldn't help but bulge. Following his butler, he then proceeded back to his room, but he kept feeling a pair of eyes on him, as if he was under surveillance.

With his joy dampened, he asked Io to use echolocation to find his stalker.

[One target found. Would you like to see the map?]


The map sprung in his consciousness, and he saw the plans of the building with the pulsing red dot.

"System, can I use appraisal on this target?"


"Please proceed"


[Strength : 14]

[Agility : ??]

[Endurance : 12]

[Vitality : 10]

[Magic Power : 10]

[Traits : Shadow Stealth (Allows its user to stalk and assassinate its preys without being detected)]

[Weakness : ???]

Derrick shivered. What the fuck?! Wasn't he supposed to be the strongest in the region?! His na?veté had apparently gotten the best of him.

Deciding that he wouldn't confront such a dangerous threat, he simply continued towards his room. Now that he knew that he was under surveillance, he couldn't do anything suspicious.

After arriving in his room, he took out his newly acquired book and started browsing it. Who wouldn't do so when you had just bought it? The cover was made of black leather and its pages were made of parchment that had yellowed out with time. The inscriptions were unintelligible, which prompted Derrick to ask the system, but when he was about to do so, Brigand barged in the room unannounced.

"It's time to go to the Slave market!"


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