[3 new individuals have been added to Host's Interface]

Seeing the notification, Derrick's heart ached even though he had saved 150 gold coins on his last purchase. He then threw a quick glance at his newly bought slaves.

"Why are they all on the floor? Is that normal?"

Yankov looked behind him before giving a light smile to Derrick.

"Don't worry, they are perfectly fine. Give them a few minutes, and they'll be back on their feet!"

After a few minutes, Derrick paid, and they all left the premises aboard the spacious carriage. He didn't bother asking them their identities as he was still more interested in his book than anything else. Brigand even seemed to catch his hurried mood.

Derrick realized his rude conduct and thanked him profoundly for everything he had done so far. He also took the opportunity to ask what was on his mind.

"I've been under surveillance in your establishment. Was it ordered by you?"

He bluntly asked and paid close attention to the visual expression of Brigand as that would determine whether he would proceed forward with his plan. His ambitions were limitless, and he couldn't ally himself with anyone that didn't have his best interests at heart.

Surprise flashed across the face of Brigand, followed by his hoarse laughter.

"Hahahaha! I knew you weren't simple! So you've already found out?"

What Derrick didn't see was that the big man was scared witless inwardly. Not for his life, but for his future relationship with the man in front of him.

"Yes. I have to say that your personnel is the top of the class. Their skill made me feel pressure"

Seeing nothing that hinted at any type of maliciousness, it was Derrick's turn to break into smiles.

"I was simply curious as to what man would bring such fine weapons in our city and that, out of nowhere"

Indeed, Derrick had made a bigger splash than he wanted, but that was fine as he had made precious encounters because of it.

"Would it be possible to meet the person in question?"

As he was quite interested, he wanted to know what type of person could tail him without him detecting it sooner. He had only realized it when they were both moving, which had made him feel immense respect.

"Sure, she'll come to see you in the future"

"Good. Also, I'd like to discuss further business as well, would you be interested?"

Derrick knew it was a formality as the burly man practically drooled in front of his craftsmanship. And just on queue, Brigand's eye lit up like two suns in the night. He would finally be able to avenge the betrayal of his parents, which had made him waste years of his life.

"Of course! How about tomorrow at noon?"

Derrick nodded, and they remained silent for the rest of the ride.


After placing his new companions in different rooms, he finally went back to his own, giggling like a kid that had just received new toys. It was time to absorb all the knowledge present in the damn book!

After calming down, he sat to the desk and opened the volume. He was, once again, welcomed by characters he couldn't understand.

"System, is there any way to decipher this?"

[Looking through the Language Database... 1 result matching! Language has been identified as Bayorn. Ancestral nomenclature used by Necromancers]

Derrick's heartbeat was crazily racing, even though he was trying to limit his expectations for them not to be crushed if nothing turned up. All the unknown glyphs suddenly transformed in letters, and he started his reading marathon that extended throughout the night.


The sun started shining through his window and Derrick still looked as energetic as ever. In a loud thump, he closed the book and burned it. After memorizing its entirety, he had vowed not to hold on to anything that could bring him trouble. He also wanted to travel light.

"System, list all the spells I uncovered"

Derrick presently had a smile that was infectious. The book had been a real treasure trove that spoke about spells in length. The thing that had really thrilled Derrick was that these were his first true offensive and defensive spells, which would, at long last, lower his reliance on weapons.

[Host has learned three spells. A new section has been added to Host's Interface]

[Banshee's Cry]

[Grade : Uncommon]

[Attack Power : 5]

[Nature : Ranged \u0026 Zone Attack]

[Description : Summon a banshee from the underworld that unleashes a primal cry]

[Reaper's Blade]

[Grade : Uncommon]

[Attack Power : 7]

[Nature : Melee \u0026 Zone Attack]

[Description : Summon a large foe made of black energy that can cut down its enemies]

[Veil of Darkness]

[Grade : Uncommon]

[Defense Power : 4]

[Nature : Complete Barrier]

[Description : As the nature suggests, summon a barrier that covers your entire body]

Although the spells were quite weak, they were invaluable to Derrick, which had had to rely on Drako, Io and armaments. He could finally call himself a real necromancer.

Now that he had satisfied his thirst and that he still had time before his meeting, it was time to properly introduce himself to his three subordinates.

After sending them mind missives, the three of them arrived in his room and sat on the bed while he stood in front of them. He hadn't paid attention to them since they had left the market, and he intended to remedy the situation.

"You probably already know this, but I'm Derrick Tarlin, you're Master. From now on, you'll be working under me. Even though I own you, I don't intend on taking advantage of you and I certainly don't intend on harming you. The only reason why I bought you is for your skills"

When they heard his speech, all of them frowned and expressions of anger appeared on their faces. What the fuck was this guy talking about?! Were they supposed to believe that a slaver buyer wouldn't mistreat them from time to time?

After seeing their reactions, Derrick didn't respond right away. Even though they were slaves, they hadn't been completely brainwashed, keeping their ideals and core beliefs. The only thing they had to do was obey and not hurt him.

"I know, I know... Who would believe a slave buyer... Well, you do have a point, but it's only because I need personnel quickly. Otherwise, I would have recruited directly from the city and not bothered with you all. Tell you what, if you serve me wholeheartedly for one year, I'll set you free. How does that sound?"

He knew he had to entice them to bring out their utmost potential, and he was confident that in one year, the construction of his empire would be well underway. He also bet on the fact that they would have paid for themselves and that they wouldn't even want to leave.

When they heard the offer, they collectively gasped and had incredulous expressions. They had various backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common. They had been defeated and captured, which meant that they had resolute themselves to a life of abuse and torment. After a moment, the first one to speak was the general.

"Are you ready to swear a magical oath to that effect?"

Derrick was surprised by her mellow voice, but he rapidly got back his bearings and answered.

"Yes. If that can gain your trust, I'll do it"

The dwarf, the man and the woman all looked at each other, bewildered. Was this person an idiot!? He had just spent 750 gold coins, and he would just let it go... for nothing?

"Of course, I'll only do the oath after 6 months of probation. I hate being scammed... Oh, before I forget, you'll be paid, have lodging and food. The pay won't be extraordinary at the beginning, but it'll scale in consequence afterwards"

Another surprise. Their brains were practically melting at this point. What was going on? Derrick enjoyed seeing them reel like simpletons, but he suddenly smacked his forehead and sighed.

"How could I forget... What are your names?"

After a few moments, the three individuals, that had warmed up to Derrick, stood up to take turns. First was the scholar, followed by the dwarf and the general.

"William Enceworth"

"Fomamli Trollfall"

"Eloise Tornomi"

After their slight bows, Derrick felt better. He had high hopes for these people.

"When you learn about our project, you won't be disappointed"

With an enigmatic smile, he left them on that note.


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