The soldiers, which hadn't fought in forever, lazily made a formation and headed out to meet their opponent. It didn't help their fighting spirit that there was only one person in front of them.

When Moira saw the state of the soldiers, the only thing she felt was shame... In a state of fury, she started yelling at them.

"You fuckers! If you don't take this seriously, I'm going to kill you all myself!"

When they heard the shouts of the Viper, they all straightened themselves and gulped. She wasn't kidding, and they knew it. Their previously uncoordinated actions rapidly improved, and they marched with haste, ready to end this small skirmish.

In front of the ridiculous scene, Derrick was snickering. What the hell was this? Amateur hour?

Seeing the disdain in Derrick's attitude, Moira couldn't control herself and almost jumped in the fray, only to be stopped by her father.

"What do you think you're doing? Didn't you just listen to me, or are you not afraid of death? We have no clue on how strong he is"

Moira could only pout in response. How was this fellow going to beat 80 soldiers? His chances were zero and there was nothing that could change her mind about it. She considered herself fairly strong, and she could only take on 20 of them at once, even in their current weakened state.

Derrick waited for the soldiers to arrive and surround him completely. When they finally covered his last escape route, he spoke.

"I'll only say this once. Bend the knee and swear loyalty, or die. I am the ruler of Akata, and future dominator of this world"

The soldiers were stunned and threw looks at each other. This guy evidently had a few loose screws... Without answering, the 80 soldiers lowered their pikes and started tightening the encirclement. Derrick was surprised by their decent leather gear and felt respect for Julio. This had clearly required a lot of work and investment.

Alas, the person they were against was a monster... Someone who wielded so much power that they couldn't fathom its depth. The soldiers kept slowly advancing, and even started insulting him.

"Why don't you just throw yourself against my pike? I'm getting bored and you're wasting my time"

"Exactly! Every moment I'm out here is a moment where my drink gets warmer and warmer"

"Does anyone want to gamble on how much time he'll survive? I'm ready to bet 1 copper coin on 2 minutes"

While everyone started gambling, Derrick still didn't move, completely unfazed by the farce that was happening. His gaze was still fixed on the two people on the wall, and he stared at them with his striking green eyes.

Uneasiness took Moira and Julio by storm when they realized that their opponent didn't seem scared at all by the turn of events. Weren't humans supposed to be terrified of death. Suddenly, Derrick's face twisted into an evil smile and both of their expressions fell. Before they could even issue a command, he had struck.

In a single instant, he had broken through the blockade and was now holding two beating hearts in his hands. They were the ones of the gambler and the drunkard. Their brains didn't even have time to react, and when they looked at their chests, two gaping holes could be seen, oozing blood.

"Trying to kill someone that has been compassionate and understanding wasn't your best move I'm afraid... These soldiers will all die now. Come forth, Death Warriors"

42 bottomless holes abruptly appeared outside the encirclement and out of them climbed armed skeletons. Their eeriness and blood-lust, accompanied by their flickering red eyes and chattering teeth, made everyone present despair. Their rusty iron swords, excited by the chance of finally tasting blood, slowly scrapped the ground in a low and agonizing noise.

The soldiers, who were still in stupor over the sudden death of their two comrades, felt, for the second time in their lives, despair. A despair so strong that it eclipsed the one felt when they were exiled from the Krakow Empire. Their loved ones had already been taken away, and now they would go meet them on the other side.

Thus, without ceremony, the carnage begun. The skeletons jumped in the battle, slaughtering without discrimination. Fingers, arms, legs, heads... Every part of the body could be seen flying around, followed by splatters of blood. Heart-wrenching screams echoed from the corpses that still had pulses, but not enough limbs to defend themselves.

The battle only lasted four minutes, and Derrick hadn't stopped glaring at the two personages atop of their wall. The result had been overwhelming, as not a single skeleton had fallen. It had plainly been a one-sided cleansing. With the two hearts in hand, he started walking forward and didn't look back.

"Death Warriors, arise!"

The 80 fresh corpses instantly transformed in a dark goo, which then concentrated itself to form a gigantic ball of dark matter that rose from the ground. Shortly afterwards, the sphere started rotating and its speed kept increasing to dizzying heights. Underneath it appeared a portal so dark that light itself seemed unable to escape and, like the previous event, skeletons could be seen crawling out. At the end of the process, there were 58 new skeletons that had joined the ranks.

[You have maxed out the Death Warriors skill (100/100). If the host wishes to increase its capacity, it has to evolve!]

Meanwhile, Derrick hadn't stopped walking. He was slowly closing the distance that separated him from the stronghold, leaving behind the undead army.

On the wall, Julio and Moira were petrified. What had just happened? Their entire troops, dead. It happened so quickly that they couldn't properly register the situation. How... Why... Questions that would, in the end, remain unanswered.

Their eyes were glued to the man in front of them, with his arms dripping blood and his hands occupied with two hearts. It was a scene that came from the depths of hell. Yes. A portrait of the God of Death descending upon mere mortals for shit's and giggles.

Derrick looked undisturbed and serene, as if such a battle was simply... natural. In his mind, the life of his enemies were worth no more than cattle. The strong preyed on the weak. The concept had been hammered into him during his survival in the cave. If you allowed yourself to be weak, you would die.

When he was a few paces away from the gate, he stopped and threw the hearts aside while still looking at the two figures. He then spoke.

"I gave you the opportunity to surrender and yet... Ah, what a pity. I've never been very fond of such bloodshed, but they are necessary once your life has been forfeit by another party don't you think?"

Derrick giggled, increasing the already sinister aura around him.

"What's going to happen now is that you'll convince all the villagers to follow me. If there are dissidents, tell them they'll die. As for you, Missy, you'll become one of my woman"

Moira snapped out of her daze the moment she heard the statement. This psychotic killer was trying to make her do what now!?

She dashed towards Derrick instantly, making her father's expression fall. She refused to be forced onto a path, and she would rather die than dishonor her late mother's words.

Sensing the killing intent, the necromancer's eyes narrowed and his previously calm demeanor changed into one of extreme might.

Armed with a long sword, she closed the distance in a mere second and swung with all her strength. It was her best chance, and she intended to go out brazenly instead of being the puppet of some deranged individual.

When the blade was about to reach him, a slight sliver of hope appeared, and she closed her eyes.

"Mother, please lend me your strength..."


Her momentum abruptly stopped, and with a prayer, she reopened her eyes. However, once she did, goosebumps overcame her entire body.

Derrick had halted the blade with... one finger. His sheer strength had crushed the pathetic attempt on his life. In fact, he had never been in real danger. The only thing he sought for in this situation was establishing dominance. Making them feel what a ruler should be, what it represented.


Julio was going completely crazy and was already begging on his knees, kowtowing non-stop.

"I think you've misunderstood me... You two were never in real danger. I've recognized your value and hope you'll serve me well"

He then returned his gaze to the trembling woman in front of him.

"Moira, right? I've never intended on forcing you to do anything, but you'll be my woman from today onwards. I won't touch you nor will I hurt you, unless you give me permission on the latter..."

With a genuine smile, Derrick tossed her sword away.

"Now that that's clarified, let's go meet my new subjects!"


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