In a mad dash, the Berserker launched towards Derrick, the ground cracking underneath from the sheer force it exerted.

Derrick had been ready, but he hadn't expected such explosive power.

In a mere second, the gap between them had disappeared and the Berserker swung its large and heavy arm at the necromancer, trying to reduce him into paste.


Since they were in proximity, both of their shadows were merged into one another, meaning that the creatures hiding in Derrick's shadow were allowed to restrain the opponent.

However, even with their strength, the only thing they could achieve was slowing down the incoming heavy and murderous strike.

With a massive tumble to the right, Derrick avoided the strike, which pulverized his previous spot. If he had been a second too late, it would have been his end. Now, a distance of 50 meters separated them.

"Human, this thing is scary... You better go all out or you're going to die here!"

"I second the lizard... Don't take this the wrong way, I just don't want to die yet..."

"You filthy mammal... I'll cut off those antlers you're so proud off"

Drako and Cernunnos started an uproar in Derrick's head, which gave the necromancer a long face. His life was on the line and his servants were more occupied with their little quarrel than him...

"You bastards... I've had enough! I'm summoning you both. I don't even care if you get smashed to bits, but you'll be covering me this time around"

The two voices instantly went mute, solemn at the idea of dying for the little scuffle. They had messed up by pushing it too far...

Without waiting any further, the two creatures appeared in front of Derrick with all their pride and might. They were the rulers of their own domains, and even if their opponent was stronger than them, admitting defeat was not an option.

When the Berserker saw that it had missed Derrick, it had been confused. It had felt a force restricting its movements, but it hadn't seen anyone interfere... What just happened?

Nevertheless, it turned around to face Derrick once again, only to be met by two monsters that emitted strong blood-lust. One was a gigantic black dragon without wings and the other was a tall half-deer, half-bear hybrid. Their shadowy composition emitted black mist, filling the area with eeriness and dread.

The Berserker, shocked that two strong opponents appeared, roared to the sky again. Alas, it was for a different reason this time...

It was simply pumped to have met a strong challenger! It's already boiling blood got even hotter and its bloated body resumed its expansion, finally stopping at three times its original frame. The little bit of armor that had managed to hold on to its body had finally given in, exposing its ripped and overwhelming body. The veins were so gorged with blood that they looked like rivers ready to overflow. Its bloodshot eyes were filled with battle intent, ready to crush these animals with his fists.

"This fucker can still get stronger?! What a troublesome fellow... Guess I can't hold back either... Drako and Cernunnos, you'll attack first and try to limit his movements. It's time to test these spells of mine hehe..."

The necromancer didn't want to summon his newly acquired Undead Warriors, because he knew that they would be mince meat in front of such a terrifying foe. On the other hand, it was time to experiment. He knew that his spells were quite weak, but the best place to learn their uses were on the battlefield.

The eyes of the two summons lit up, and they exploded towards the threat.

"Oi, Lizard! You better not get in my way! If you make me suffer, I won't forgive you!"

"We're in this situation because you're a little bitch of an omnivore! Go eat some grass while I show you my moves!"

Even with their bodies, although fictive, on the line, the two creatures still couldn't let go of their grievances, willing to settle it with their skills and abilities.

The Berserker was beating its chest violently, ready to rumble with the both of them simultaneously. Derrick had to say that its arrogance really was unmatched.

Seeing them dismissed in such a vulgar way, Drako and Cernunnos roared and instantly closed the remaining distance, smashing into the two fists of the Berserker. The impact almost blew it away, but it somehow managed to hold on, sliding and thrusting its feet into the ground.

Derrick was flabbergasted. This guy was unbelievable! Just imagining the impact that it would have on the battlefield made him go mad with greed.

Shocked that they had both been stopped, the two monsters unleashed their skills. Drako used his poisonous tongue and Cernunnos used his Bear Strike, trying to hack him into pieces.

Sensing the immediate threat, the Berserker bounced back and narrowly dodged the strike that aimed for his head and the tongue that aimed for his waist. It didn't think much, but it recognized the aura of death when it came, and this was that type of moment.

When he was about to counter-attack, a large black scythe tore across the space and nearly hit him, making him twist around and retreat once again. Its red eyes showed a hint of a surprise when it realized that the necromancer that had remained at the back so far had come to challenge him directly.

The spell Derrick had just used was of course the Reaper's Blade. It had nowhere near enough attacking power to really injure the Berserker, but it still packed quite a punch. Around him was also the Veil of Darkness, providing him with a bit of safety, which he quite welcomed.

Seeing his sneak-attack failing, Derrick didn't even humph. He immediately followed up with the Banshee's Cry while sending instructions to his partners.

"Use my opening to attack! And in case you didn't get the memo, we aren't killing the guy, so restrain your strikes!"

With a grumble as a response, the two creatures waited and saw a thin woman materialize over Derrick. She had white hair and her face was hidden, but the most striking feature was her four arms.

In an instant, she opened her gray eyes and an ear-piercing scream that shook the surroundings ensued. Its pitch was so high and strident that it even made its caster grimace.

The Berserker reflexively covered its ears, trying to cut off the noise. Even though it couldn't hurt him physically, its mental aspect was far more potent than what they let on in the book that Derrick had acquired and burned.

Unaffected by the scream, the two beasts seized the opportunity and leaped, pinning the unguarded Berserker to the ground. It was enraged that it had been played for a fool and tried breaking free repeatedly, to the point where its body resumed its expansion. It appeared that rage was an emotion that fueled its growth, which Derrick duly noted.

"Human, hurry up and make this thing submit! We won't be able to hold on for much longer..."

"The lizard's right! Come here and end this!"

Derrick decisively walked forward and took out his Dark Forest Guardian Bow. With its attacking power, he had no doubt that it would do the job.

Once over the hulk of muscles, Derrick gave it an approving gaze.

"I know you can't understand me, but I want you to join me"

In response, the beast tried to free itself and trash the pathetic weakling in front of it. How dare it mock and defeat him using external strength!

Derrick's face changed and became ice-cold, making the Berserker feel a hint of fear. Without ceremony, Derrick took out an arrow from his back and readied it.

"Last chance"

The beast still wasn't convinced by this pathetic display, so it roared and spit on Derrick, trying to humiliate him as well.

Derrick simply unloaded the arrow straight in its right leg, creating a sonic boom that shook the ground. It had been the first time Derrick used it, and it was proving to be a formidable weapon.

The only response he got from the Berserker was a hurl filled with pain. It couldn't believe what was happening! It was the king of the battlefield, the mighty warrior that looked down on these poor ants...

Derrick felt the still uncooperative behavior and unleashed three more arrows in the remaining leg and two arms, convincingly pinning it to the ground. The only way to win its acknowledgment was to submit it, and he intended on doing just that.

The Berserker finally broke down and accepted the verdict. Its bones had been shattered by the impact and its muscles were nowhere near functional anymore. It had been defeated, and completely at that. With a low growl and a face filled with regret, the huge body slowly started regressing to its original state, making the now frail Thomas reappear into this world. What was the most incredible was the fact that all the injuries healed up in the process.

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and pain invaded every cell of his body, making wish for a quick death, but what he saw shook him even more.

Watching over him was the man that had shaken his core and beliefs, sending him on a new path.

"You're finally awake! Let's go back to the village... You've caused quite a commotion this time around..."


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