Moira, who was in the crowd, froze. That shameless bastard! He had publicly announced that she was his, and now that it was out there, there would be no way to refute it...

Her skin turned fiery red, and she shot murderous glances at Derrick, who didn't back down and kept smirking maliciously. He knew that a woman with that amount of pride would never accept being tied down to a man, so he had gone the way of claiming instead of earning.

He still refused to completely involve himself emotionally, but he was determined to get all the beauties the world had to offer. Just imagining a palace full of these women made him slightly blush. Dying had really changed him...

Julio, who was standing next to his daughter, silently sighed. He was against his little girl being forced into a relationship, but Derrick had already stated that he wouldn't touch her and would never force her to do anything she disliked, so there was no real reason to fervently oppose the relationship.

On top of this, the necromancer was excessively strong, meaning that she will never come into harms way. In a sense, it reassured him a great deal. She wasn't getting any younger, and she hadn't found any interest in the men of Yamato. Getting a husband at this stage would relieve the burden imposed on his lineage if she came to accept Derrick. Overall, the situation was plenty satisfying.

The murmurs had exploded throughout the newcomers, wondering when the Miss had eloped with the man, making her blush in anger and embarrassment. She was hell-bent on making him pay for this affront.

Derrick loudly coughed on the stage, bringing back the focus to himself.

"Now that you've heard of our current and future facilities, I hope you're more inclined to follow me wholeheartedly. I do not demand anything except the best version of yourselves. Together, we will usher a new era on this war-ridden land, and we will take back our dignities. I sincerely hope that the residents will help the new folks settling in! Oh, and before I forget, there's one person missing on this stage. It's the General of the army, Eloise. She is currently indisposed and will present herself later. Everyone is now dismissed"

He turned around and left the platform with the group, leaving behind an excited crowd.

"Jack, give me a report on the current progress you've made"

"Your Highness, we're right on schedule. We are halfway done with the Military Quarters and will start the school afterwards"

"Great! Gather new workers from the new arrivals. We need to make more habitations"

"Yes Your Highness. Also, our food supplies are starting to be stretched thin and our farming lands will soon not be enough to supply everyone. May I have your permission to clear more lands and expand in the forest?"

Derrick pondered a bit before answering.

"Yes, but only do so with soldiers. There are dangers and monsters lurking. We can't afford to lose lives. Also, I have a new project for you"

Derrick quickly ran through his mind and found the location of the Iron mine located to the south of Akata.

"How long would it take to build a three kilometers long road?"

Jack's face contracted weirdly at the request, as if his stomach had just been turned upside down... His King really was someone that was unreasonable to the extreme! While crunching the numbers in his head and trying to take every variable into account, he finally spoke.

"Your Highness, I believe that with all our teams on deck, we will achieve it in a week. However, it will be very crude and there won't be any defenses protecting it from monster's attacks"

Derrick realized how demanding he was, but it was vital for the development of this town. They needed raw materials to modernize every sector, be it farming, weapons etc.

He wasn't worried about the security of the road because he would be accompanying the miners himself, and he would bring soldiers to stand guard over the mining site. A few sheds would be built for lodging and food would be sent via carriages to supply the stocks.

"It's fine, set up the plans. Now, Fomamli, how about you? Has your progress been smooth?"

The dwarf, which had remained silent, shined with pride when he was asked the question.

"Yes Master! I've been steadily improving and completed the 150 sets of Iron armor. They are ready to be deployed on the field. I'm now slowly making my way through the bronze sets"

Derrick was pleased with the results. He had heard of the tournament organized by Eloise, and had found his subordinate quick-witted. He had only given her vague instructions, letting her imagination figure out the implementation. However, Thomas's awakening as a Berserker had ruined it, leaving the results hanging. He would have to ask Atta to conclude the exercise and determine the winners while Eloise recovered.

"William, I assume you've been inquiring on which students you would be taking in?"

"Yes. I've already chosen the first class of students that will benefit the most from my teachings and I can't wait to get started! It has been too long since I've really felt useful"

"I'm happy you feel that way. Well, you can go your ways now. I'll be eagerly waiting for results"

With a bow, they dispersed, leaving behind Lacha and Derrick.

"I'm sorry for making you work from home... Once everything is done, I'll make you a proper workplace like the others..."

Lacha lightly laughed. It appeared that Derrick was a self-conscious fellow.

"Don't worry... As long as I can help people, I'm fine"

"Don't say that... If people see me neglecting my wife, what will they think of me?"

He winked at her, and she slightly blushed, before hitting him out of nowhere, which confused him.

"A new wife uh?"

Derrick's face twisted when he heard the remark... He had forgotten the stunt he had pulled earlier. The concept of polygamy was new to him, and now that he was confronted, he had to say that his heart was still not used it.

"You wouldn't be jealous, would you?"

After getting back his composure, he replied, sure that this would divert the topic of conversation.

Under the attack, Lacha's face flushed red, incapable of replying. Was it really jealousy? She hadn't even slept with the man, even though they were proclaimed husband and wife.

Seeing her reaction, Derrick giggled.

"Please watch over her. She's quite unruly, and your patience might tested"

Lacha nodded and before leaving her side, Derrick gave her a kiss on the forehead, freezing her in her tracks.

Ah... He was such a troublesome person...


After tasking Atta with Eloise's responsibilities, Derrick finally had time to think for himself.

First, he had to train Thomas personally. He was sure that nobody in this place had knowledge on Berserkers, which meant he would be in charge of drawing its utmost potential. Such a trump card couldn't be neglected, and he knew the amount of damage it could inflict.

Second, finances. The end of the month drew near, which meant a payday of 500 gold coins from Brigand. Of course, this implied he had to craft weapons to sell at the auction.

Third, expansion of the territory. The core of the town was slowly solidifying itself, and they would soon have to go outwards, requiring soldiers guarding the workers clearing the forest.

After thinking a bit, he smiled and had a brilliant idea. Why not combine the first and second step together? There was nothing like hunting monsters to awaken the beast inside him...


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