Yankov's eyebrows creased when he heard the specifications. Now he understood the absurd budget. The man in front of him clearly had grand plans to ask for some of the most guarded secrets throughout the Empires.

The small man coughed twice to gather back his composure and signaled Derrick to wait to the side while he went through the ledger. This order was the biggest of the year, so he prayed he could fulfill the request.

After looking for a few minutes and doing some back and forth through the pages, Yankov's expression greatly improved. It seemed like he had found something interesting!

He noted the numbers and took out the metallic key from his drawer. He hurriedly walked forward and did the 'ritual' in front of Derrick, who paid attention. The necromancer was fascinated by such a process and tried to understand it once again.

However, to his dismay, he still fell short. It appeared that without the system, his current knowledge fell short by leaps and bounds. He would have to find a library to expand his horizons in the near future.

When the trader was done, there were 15 people lined up. He turned around and came back to Derrick before presenting them all. He would do anything in his power to conclude this sale.

"Dear Guest, your demands were high, but we luckily have something that can interest you. Let's begin with transportation. We have three researchers that match your request. They are all humans, as you can see"

Yankov presented three middle-aged men, and they all seemed to emanate wisdom. From a single glance, one could tell that they were experts in their field.

Derrick was psyched, and he waited for the trader to continue, which he promptly did when he saw the interest of Derrick.

"Due to their higher value, our evaluations are a bit different from the ones you bought last time. We consider them Grand Masters. They are priced 2000 gold coins each. Which one would you like?"

He left Yankov's side and arrived face to face with them. It was time to confirm whether they were worth his hard-earned money.


[The assessment has been verified and confirmed. The individuals are currently Masters and can reach Grand Master status]

Derrick was ecstatic! Even though they were super expensive, they were clearly worth their salt. 3 carriages had just cost him 1000 gold coins, which meant investing in a specialist would go a long way towards the development of Akata.

As such, he chose the youngest researcher, and the middle-aged man left his peers.

Yankov was inwardly celebrating. This was just too good to be true.

"Great choice! The next products I want to show are Enchanters. We have 3 of them, 2 women and a man. They are all High-Elves, as they are the most proficient race with magic. We also consider all of them as Grand Masters. However, they cost 4000 gold coins each"

The short man pointed to two stunning women and a great-looking young man. Their dignified appearances and their ageless beauty truly awed Derrick.

He used 'Potentus' once more and found the evaluations to be accurate. He selected a young maiden with green hair that cascaded to her waist and a slender physique. Derrick had to say that she was blessed with both talent and looks.

Yankov's good mood seemed to improve when he arrived at the last part.

"Concerning Teleportation technology, there are very few researchers that manage to remain free. They are often forced into labor by the conqueror or even their Empire. We managed to obtain these researchers"

Yankov pointed to the remaining 9 figures, which were from various races.

"We can ascertain that they've partly worked on such secrets, but since they were second fiddles, they didn't attract much attention. However, we believe that they are very valuable, and I think you do too, dear Guest"

Derrick had to agree. He was surprised they even had people related to this demand. He had thrown it out there as a Hail Mary, and it paid off big time. However, he only had 3000 gold coins remaining, so he hoped that they weren't too expensive. As if reading his mind, Yankov quelled his unease.

"Since we cannot ascertain their knowledge, the price isn't inflated. Each person here costs 3000 gold coins. You can consider it a lottery"

The short man smiled and waited for Derrick to make his last choice. What he didn't see was the terrifying smile on the necromancer's face. Lottery? AH! With the system, this was as easy as picking grass off the ground.

"Do your thing System"

[Assessing the targets.. Done! One subject meets the criteria. Master with the potential of reaching ???]


He wanted to yell out in joy, but contained himself. If even the system couldn't assess the future potential, how great would the benefits be in the future?

The subject in question was, surprisingly, a goblin. It was small, skinny and had a long white beard, also sporting round glasses. It didn't have any special aura and it looked like the least competent person of the lot.

To avoid raising suspicions, Derrick took his time before finally making his choice, shocking Yankov. It was the first time the trader had seen this person make a 'blatant' mistake. If only he knew..

To Derrick's regret, he hadn't bought more blacksmiths, but his harvest was more than worth it. Fomamli would simply have to work harder...

Yankov got three parchments and asked for drops of blood before proceeding with the binding magical formation. The same blinding light erupted and the three sheets entered the minds of the new servants. However, they seemed to be more resistant as they didn't fall to the ground.

[3 new individuals have been added to Host's Interface]

Derrick was impatient and immediately asked the system to show him his stats.

[Derrick Tarlin, 16 years old (Body), 37 years old (Soul)]

[Class : Necromancer]

[Strength : 15]

[Agility : 13]

[Endurance : 15]

[Vitality : 11]

[Magic Power : 24]

[Spells : Banshee's Cry, Reaper's Blade, Veil of Darkness]

[Enslaved Subordinates : Eloise Tornomi (General - Human), William Enceworth (Scholar - Human), Fomamli Trollfall (Blacksmith - Dwarf), Merlin Trotz (Researcher - Human), Reyna Grandtree (Enchantress - High-Elf), Ylx (Researcher - Goblin)]

[Traits : ???, Enhanced Body, Enhanced Vision, Death's Valet, Gluttony, Aphrodite's Blessing, Language Guru (Language Database)]

[Skills : Superior Appraisal, Potentus, Contract (3/3), Summoning (3/3), Master Craftsman, Submission, Death Warrior (100/100), Empire Professionals (4/10) *Concerns the Scholars (1/2), Blacksmiths (1/2), Researchers (0/2), Generals (1/2) and Ministers (1/2)*]

It had been a while since Derrick checked his stats and even though his progression slowed down, he was satisfied. He couldn't reach the pinnacle of the world that easily.

With everything concluded, Derrick left while saluting the bowing Yankov who couldn't stop grinning. Today was worthy of a celebration and the trader would fully indulge in the pleasures of life.

Derrick went back to the lower floor and claimed his orcs. Instead of parchments, the trader gave him a peculiar stone and said that whoever possessed the stone controlled them. Now he understood why Brigand didn't seem to like these floors. The quality was indeed sorely lacking.

The group was large, and he waited for multiple carriages to come and get everyone. The sun was already setting, so it was time to leave Terra. They proceeded towards the exit of the city where they met up with Kuro, who had his own personal transportation. The guards asked some question, but didn't probe deeper. The caravan simply left, leaving behind hoards of unsuspecting spies that had let their prey go...


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