Moira's group kept their onslaught going, and none of Oleo's soldier could stop them, to their captain's dismay. The initial 40 soldiers had already been disposed of and the influx of new fighters couldn't keep up with the amount that fell unconscious and kept crashing to the ground.

Their skills and gear were simply superior, which made the man grimace. Not being able to take down 4 fighters with the resources available to him was disgraceful.

After a few minutes, the remaining soldiers were back in formation. However, they hesitated before engaging. It appeared that the people they were up against were monsters in their own right.

"Now, can we meet your leader?"

Moira had a cocky smile on her face, making the soldiers in front of her furious. They were losing on top of being humiliated. When they were about to throw reason out the window, a thunderous voice resounded.


The voice was grave and menacing, freezing the small group in its place. The soldiers turned around in its direction with awe in their eyes, as if looking at their savior.

"Ah.. You're finished now.. You wanted to meet our leader. Well, here he is"

The captain grinned at the development. Even if he was defeated, the chances of his boss losing were nonexistent.

The man advancing was an absolute monster. His gigantic height of 7'3", his massive stature, his abnormally huge muscles.. His hands were so big he could crush someone's head with his palm and his arms were as big as trunks of trees. More importantly, the aura he emitted was so suffocating that Moira's group couldn't move. It appeared they had met someone in an entirely different league.

Moira's demeanor had entirely changed and before being swept away by the situation, she temporarily broke free from his aura and spoke.

"Are.. Are you the one in charge here?"

The colossus stopped and creepily smiled. His face had sharp traits, with an unshaven beard and bushy eyebrows, accompanying his short and brown hair. His nose was crooked and his eyes were narrow, hiding their reddish color. He observed the 'guests' in front of him before speaking again.

"Oh oh.. It seems you can still talk to me.. And can't you tell that I am? My name's Gor. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

His voice's intensity didn't diminish and it was filled with ill intent, making the small group shrink further. Moira wasn't one to cower in fear, but her courage was shaken to its roots, and she was on the verge of faltering. However, she plowed ahead. She couldn't let her group down.

"We are here to discuss a possible migration of your people to Akata"

Her voice was shaky, but resolute. Failing here wasn't an option. The eyes of Gor narrowed and his creepy smile got wider.

"I know Akata, but isn't it a dump? A shithole with no one worthy at the helm? I'll tell you what, bring your people here, and I'll forgive what you just did to my subordinates"

Moira's group was stunned at the demands of the man, but she couldn't shame Derrick's name. If they were to show weakness here, Akata's reputation would suffer. She immediately answered, her voice less shaky than before.

"It appears the news haven't reached you yet. Akata's been reborn and it's now the beacon of this region. This is why we came to invite you, not the opposite. Thus, we'll have to decline your offer"

Gor's smile disappeared and the pressure surrounding him increased, forcing John, Terry and Henry to move in front of Moira. The gesture angered Gor, who seemed incredibly annoyed by the pathetic display.

"It seems you don't understand your situation here.. You come here, beat down my soldiers, and extend an olive branch?! Do you think I'm stupid?"

The three men assumed a defensive stance, and John spoke with a stern voice that left no room for debate.

"My Lady, it's time for you to honor your promise. Leave us, we'll buy you some time"

Moira's entire body was shaking. The situation reminded her of the first time she met Derrick.. Absolute power was truly everything in this world.

"Oh, you think you can leave? You're clearly spies of the Empire with this steel equipment, and you want us to believe that the shithole you claim to come from is the new beacon of the region?! HAHAHA! SHOULD I TEACH THEM A LESSON!?"

Gor raised his arms in the air, and the soldiers all around him roared, excited by the actions of their commander. The atmosphere truly mirrored that of a battlefield.

"I'm going to bring reinforcements.. Don't die until I come back.."

Moira gritted her teeth, and started walking backwards, beginning her attempt at fleeing inside the forest. She knew that even if she stayed, there was no way to win against this brute, and the only chance they had was to report to Derrick.

When he saw her actions, Gor's eyes narrowed, and he explosively leaped forward in the direction of the three soldiers. The ground underneath him cracked and sunk, unable to receive the atrocious pressure.

His movements were too fast, and the three men were instantly blown away from their positions. The impact even made a big dent in their steel armors, causing internal injuries that made them spit mouthfuls of blood.

Gor didn't even bother looking at them and continued his onward motion, ready to blast away Moira as well. He wasn't one that would take it easy on woman that called themselves warriors.

Seeing his absurd strength and how her three companions had been dealt with, she readied herself, even while knowing that she didn't stand a chance. She wasn't one to quit, even in the face of absolute defeat.

Gor swung his right arm, intending on knocking her out. He didn't want to kill them right now, as he needed answers about the real reason behind their visit.

Just when it was about to hit, a figure appeared between them and stopped all the momentum he carried.

Both Moira and Gor were shocked, as well as the three wounded soldiers on the ground that had barely managed to remain conscious.

"Who told you you could hit the woman of our Lord?"

Thomas stood tall, holding the arm of the colossus, who couldn't believe that a person this small contained such strength. Granted, he hadn't used much power, but it was still unbelievable that he had managed to stop him.

Thomas turned his head around to face the still dazed Moira, who couldn't believe that someone had appeared in the nick of time.

"Eloise tasked me to trail you and only intervene if your life was threatened. I'm sorry I couldn't act before"

The apologetic expression of Thomas made Moira snap out, before finally sighing in relief. It all made sense now. The General was a very cautious person, and sending Derrick's wife on a mission without a trump card truly wasn't like her.

Plus, the person in front of her was famous since the tournament incident, where his strength had only been surpassed by Derrick.

"Who might you be? It seems you have the strength required to speak with me"

Gor's aura was becoming more and more stifling, but Thomas didn't back off a single step, and instead answered with his own, making them viciously clash, with the surrounding air seemingly reaching a boiling point.

"I'll be your worst nightmare.."


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