Cernunnos, heavily wounded, agonized on the ground, furious that he had been easily disposed of. How could a mere human do this to him?!


Drakos couldn't let this opportunity go and started slinging insults at the Leshi, to the point where the injured roared in anger, ready to jump at his throat and snap it in half.

Derrick, who was amazed by Trevor's strength, broke their little argument and recalled Cernunnos in his shadow. The creature wouldn't be able to fight anymore, as its injuries were simply too much to heal in such a short amount of time.

Drakos was already back in position, now seriously observing the opponent. Even though they couldn't die, the beasts had their souls tied to these bodies, which meant that they felt every single injury sustained.

Derrick, armed with his sword, looked at Trevor who seemed unfazed by the current events. It clearly wasn't his first rodeo. He also looked at Alma, who was under a barrage of hits, but still managed to hold on. From her movements, Derrick could tell she had relentlessly trained since their little spar.

"I didn't think you were that powerful.. It appears I'll have to go all out"

The necromancer advanced a few steps, and his aura came back towards him, crazily swirling into a dark vortex.

The eerie and cold atmosphere now became glacial and everyone's blood ran cold. Trevor was stupefied that the necromancer had still withheld power.

What Derrick was doing was not a skill nor a trait he had obtained, but a manifestation of his magic power.

While training with Thomas, he had discovered that by gathering it all around him, it enhanced all of his stats by 10%. He still didn't fully control it and could only maintain this form for a few minutes, which meant he would have to end this fight quickly.

"Drakos, we'll be attacking together, so don't get in my way"

The lizard harrumphed in discontent, but didn't retort. He knew very well that Derrick's current ability was way above his own.

Trevor's previous demeanor had also completely changed. He was already in a precarious situation before, but had managed to seize the opportunities presented to him. His opponent's carelessness was gone, and so was an easy way out of this.

"Do you really think you can win against Terra's leadership?"

Derrick looked at the man, and simply sighed.

"Maybe not now, but I will be able to. It's only a matter of time before his head rolls to my feet"

The answer was nonchalant, rendering Trevor speechless. This was absolute confidence, and nothing would change this person's mind.

He looked at his two subordinates fighting and saw them having the upper hand against their opponent, meaning that if he stalled long enough, he would soon have reinforcements. That detail had also been caught by Derrick, and it was one of the reasons why he had strengthened himself with magic. If Alma were to die because of him rushing into this situation, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Both men suddenly darted forward, with Drakos closely following behind Derrick.

The first strike was made by Trevor, who feint a stab at Derrick's shin before aiming for his groin. If he managed to limit his opponent's movements, his win was guaranteed.

"Veil of Darkness"

Derrick, still overpowered in terms of speed and agility, barely managed to dodge the feint before being lightly stabbed in the thigh. He had managed to cast his defensive barrier in time, but its power was so weak that it barely managed to block anything. Derrick's face twisted, but he quickly regained his footing, with the two opponents now separated by a few meters.

Trevor was frustrated he hadn't hit the target due to the sudden resistance encountered, but chipping at his opponent bit by bit was also a viable strategy that would pay off in the end.

Meanwhile, Drakos saw the separation after the first strike and immediately pounced on the spy, catching him flat-footed. The beast opened its jaw, intending on crushing the bug in one fell swoop. Trevor immediately sensed the beast and in a movement that defied logic, managed to dive underneath him while continuously stabbing its belly.

Since it was a dagger, it didn't do much damage, but it still angered Drakos. He hadn't managed to hit that bastard once since the beginning of the fight.

It was Derrick's turn to leap in, and he reached Trevor, who was still sliding on the ground, carried by his momentum. His wound wasn't enough to limit his ability. The necromancer began a barrage of hits, and his swordsmanship shone through.

While fending off the attacks, Trevor had managed to get back on his feet, but he was still in a defensive stance, unable to breakthrough the onslaught coming his way.

"Banshee's Cry"

Derrick's shout made the thin woman materialize over his head, surprising Trevor, and also making him feel uneasy due to her features. Her white hair, her hidden face, but most of all, her four arms...

He didn't feel any danger from her and when he was about to refocus his entire attention on Derrick, she opened her gray eyes and an ear-piercing scream that shook the surroundings ensued. Its strident and high pitch was as startling as before and Trevor reflexively reached for his ears, giving a massive opening to Derrick.

"Reaper's Blade"

The combination of his sword and magic surprised the now unprepared spy, and he chose to block the spell with his dagger, sealing his fate in the process.. His choice made him bear the full brunt of Derrick's strike on his chest, and he felt all his ribs shatter under the immense pressure.

His entire body was now under duress, and he fell on one knee, Luckily for him, the light armor he had been given by the Official for this mission had prevented him from being sliced in half.

However, his foes were far from being over. Drakos, who was still on standby, also seized this opportunity to jump on the downed man, biting off the arm who held the dagger. Blood splattered everywhere, also covering Derrick's face.

Trevor had forgotten the creature during their short exchange, so the shock of losing his arm was immediately followed by the immense surging pain that his sensors were sending to his brain, overwhelming it in the process.

He let out a screeching cry that tore the sky, making the fight between Alma and his subordinates grind to a halting stop. When the two men saw the state of their leader and the massive amount of blood around him, their faces became ashen. They knew that without this man, they were doomed.

With death looming over their heads, they both changed their target to Derrick, and charged towards him. If they had to die in this place, they would try to bring this bastard down with them.

Derrick saw them come, and simply gestured Drakos to take care of them. Their strength looked nowhere near Trevor's, which meant they would simply serve as his snacks. The scuffle, if it could be qualified as such, only lasted a few seconds, with the large and shadowy lizard engulfing the two men.

Trevor, who was back to his senses after recovering from the initial shock, trembled in anger and sadness in front of the scene. His failure had caused his subordinates to die...


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