Thomas's stats had increased, which made Derrick happy. Every person that could get stronger was another step forward in conquering Terra, which would be the first stepping stone in his plan to conquer the continent, and thus, enact his revenge. He had to say that his revenge plan was slow, but just remembering the seething rage he had felt on the day of his death was enough to get him focused on the task at hand.

Without waiting any further, Derrick lunged forward, backed up by Drakos and Cernunnos. The ground shook under their charge, and the Berserker in front of them seemed stocked about facing such strong opponents.

In a move completely unexpected by the necromancer, the Berserker sunk its feet in the ground, and howled madly in the air while smashing his fists in the ground, creating fractures and a small earthquake.

The shock wave destabilized the incoming group, and it was the colossus's turn to dive towards them.

"Oh no you don't, you insect!"

Drakos was furious that he had already been put on the back foot, and he went to the front to directly face the opponent. In a swift and rapid motion, the simile-dragon swung its large tail at the Berserker, hoping to smash it into the nearby trees.

"It's already over for you!"


The momentum of his tail abruptly stopped, and Drakos was shocked, with his victorious expression changing into one of incredulity.

The Berserker stood there, grabbing the tail with his two monstrous arms. He looked at the beast, creepily smiling while squeezing tighter and tighter. Drakos felt the increasing pressure and tried to break free, to no avail.


While letting out a bestial cry, he sunk his feet in the ground once again and swung Drakos in the air, as if he was a puppet, sending him crashing into the nearby trees.

The aftermath was terrible, with Drakos howling in pain and anger. His injuries weren't light, but far from fatal. The burden on his soul wasn't too harsh, and he groggily got up, still incapable of understanding how that bug had swung him like a toy.

"You little shit.."

"That's what you get for underestimating your opponent once again.. When will you learn?"

Before Drakos even moved, Derrick interrupted his action with that sentence, and the creature hissed in displeasure. The necromancer was right, after all. In almost all his fights since his defeat at Derrick's hands, he had suffered multiple losses that would have previously made him cry in shame. It was finally time to humble up.

Cernunnos was stunned at first by the sheer strength displayed by the Berserker, and was now on his guard. His Master was right. It was time for them to take their opponents seriously from now on, or they would be liabilities, and a liability for a human at that! His pride just couldn't take such an insult.

The two creatures re-created the formation and waited for Derrick's commands, which made the Necromancer smile.

"Remember how we took it down the first time?"

The two monsters looked at each other before smirking. It was time for some payback. In a quick motion, Derrick seized his bow and aimed it at the Berserker who immediately recognized the weapon, angering it. It was that thing that had made him lose the first time, and it was determined to not let history repeat itself.


Drakos and Cernunnos charged together the moment the words appeared in Derrick's mind, and he unleashed series of furious arrows in the direction of the Berserker to limit his movements. The bow's power was still as frightening as before, with violent gusts comparable to shock blasts following each one of them.

Meanwhile, the colossus was trying its best to dodge the projectiles, but barely kept up because of their terrifying speed. Its agility truly wasn't his forte. Drakos and Cernunnos had finally closed the gap, and with their unorthodox teamwork, bombarded the Berserker.

Now faced with different sources of attacks, the titan quickly lost ground and its body was getting weaker, unable to heal anymore.

"Don't let up"

Derrick kept issuing orders while letting out a steady flow of arrows, and the two creatures at the front were all too happy to oblige.

It had already been three minutes since the fight had begun, but the Berserker still refused to fall, carried by its pride. Derrick was impressed once again by its resilience, recognizing the progress it had made.

"HEY! You should go down now! It's pointless to keep resisting if that's all the strength you can muster. You're a disgrace for your class"

In a bid to try to bait out its mysterious skill, Derrick resorted to taunts, figuring it would provoke a reaction from the simple-minded beast. And sure enough, it did. The Berserker, in a half-kneeling position, roared to the heavens, still under the barrage of Drakos and Cernunnos.

The atmosphere around them started changing, and as a result, Derrick's blood started boiling.

"Come back right now. The real fight's about to begin.."

The two creatures darted backwards and rejoined Derrick, who had stopped his rain of arrows.


Thomas was drifting into the void, and suddenly, the same gray orb came towards him, which he immediately took. It was time to see how far he could push that Leader of his..


The aura around the Berserker exploded, and its heaviness immediately froze Derrick, as well as his two monsters.

"What the fuck is this human"

Drakos couldn't believe what was happening, and Cernunnos simply stayed silent, trying to focus his energy on freeing himself.

It was the most vicious and bloodthirsty aura the necromancer had ever encountered. His own was pushed back as if a grain of sand being swept away in a desert.

"System, use Appraisal"

Now that he had forced it out, it was time to see what this ability was all about.

[Thomas - Berserker State - Transcendent]

[Strength : 3?]

[Agility : 22]

[Endurance : 22]

[Vitality : 10]

[Magic Power : 1]

[Skills : Transcendent - Stage 1 (Duration : 10 minutes)]

[Weakness : Cannot strategize]

[New! Transcendent - Stage 1 is a skill that can only be used by the Berserker class! It allows the user to regain control of their consciousness, albeit partially, and to guide his body in the situation it's currently in. It enhances every stat for a short period of time, making it a ferocious opponent. However, the backlash is huge, and the user will not be able to use this skill again for a period of 24 hours]

What Derrick read honestly terrorized him.. These stats were.. abominations.. How the fuck was he supposed to win?

While trying to wrap his brain around a possible solution, he saw Thomas's Berserker mode go through changes. All his injuries quickly healed, and his size swelled up, but the most terrifying change was his eyes.. It was like staring into a never-ending abyss of despair...

The tyrannic aura kept rampaging around Derrick, keeping him rooted to his spot. The Berserker started walking in his direction, unhurried, as if enjoying the view. Derrick felt, for the first time since his death, helpless.. This was something he had sworn to never feel again, and yet, here he was..

*Thump.. Thump.. Thump..*

Every step of the titan resounded like bells in Derrick's ears, and he still couldn't do a thing. Was his initial choice wrong? Should he have chosen the Berserker class instead? Doubts, remorse, pity.. Multiple emotions rampaged within until something finally 'broke' inside him...

No.. This wasn't why he couldn't move.. He couldn't move because he was.. weak. So weak that he could be compared to an ant in front of true power.. His heart started beating frantically, pumping every single red cell in his body. If he wasn't strong enough, he simply had to become stronger.

[System Announcement! The first requirement for trait '???' has been met! User stats are being recalculated..]


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