"I know it might seem unorthodox, but it's the only logical solution. You simply can't introduce a new tier of currency without badly upsetting its balance. You'll also be getting back precious iron, which, I assume, will be severely needed in the future. As for the exchange rate, I'd go for 100 iron coins in exchange for 1 gold coin"

Derrick was still uneasy with the answer, but at least it made more sense to him. However, before he could tell Lacha to go forward with it, Kuro interjected once again.

"However, you can't faze it out until you introduce copper coins"

Now Derrick was confused. Why couldn't he simply replace all the iron coins with gold coins?

When he saw his confusion, Kuro loudly sighed, which irked Derrick. The necromancer was clearly out of his element, and being taken as a fool just made him want to slap that old fool. Just before he thought of acting on his whim, Kuro sensed the danger and hurriedly continued. After all, Derrick was still the Lord of this region, so he had to keep a minimum of respect.

"As you know, gold coins are more valuable than iron coins, at least based on the conversion rate I mentioned earlier. If you were to remove them too rapidly, the inflation of prices would be so high that nothing would be affordable anymore. There always needs two types of currency in circulation to have a floor and a ceiling. The plan I suggest is for you to keep introducing iron coins until you can introduce copper coins, which will then allow you to faze them out. By the time this is achieved, gold will have made its way into the economy and the value of iron coins will simply be replaced. Of course, that also means you'll be taking a hit on the value of the gold right now, but at this point, it's inevitable"

Derrick followed everything Kuro said, but really didn't like the last part. He was very aware of the risks incurred by his population, and it seemed like he would have to take the brunt of everything.

"That means the 140 000 iron coins I currently owe would have to be paid with the entirety of the budget, plus some gold coins that I own. Nevertheless, the nice thing with the conversion rate is that I wouldn't need to touch the budget of Akata Loans. Lacha, please go forward with Kuro's suggestion. I'll try my best to exploit a copper mine and introduce it into the economy later. You're dismissed, Elder. Thank you for your suggestion"

Kuro raised from his chair, bowed, and left. It seemed that the old man was still irritated from being disturbed at this hour.

Lacha, meanwhile, had been furiously noting down everything that Kuro said. Overall, she found the solution to be sound and simple enough. Every point he had brought up was definitely something to be concerned about.

"Lacha, are you ok with everything mentioned?"

"Yeah, I've got it all down. Do you have a specific date on when you want to open the institution? Now that we have funds and that most of the structure is laid out, it shouldn't be hard to operate"

"I was thinking of opening it simultaneously with the market in two days. It would give people a reason to celebrate!"

Derrick was enthusiastic while talking, which warmed Lacha's heart. She had seen his cold and indifferent side, so seeing him caring for something felt nice.

Derrick noticed her gaze, and couldn't help but notice her beautiful features. Her skin, her curves, her face.. At that moment, it felt like his brain turned off, and he began walking in the direction of her desk. The woman was surprised and dropped the quill she currently held.

Derrick never stopped walking until he was right in front of her, and before she could even tense up, she felt his warm lips against hers for a brief instant. Her cheeks hadn't even turned red by the time the man left, leaving behind a stunned woman..


"What the hell did I just do.."

Derrick was walking fast, his brain and heart fighting against each other. He didn't know why, but at that moment, when he saw Lacha's beauty, it was like his body had been possessed.

"Wasn't I supposed to wait until I got stronger.. FUCK!"

He slapped himself once for good measure and tried to regain his cool before continuing downtown towards the market. It was his final stop of the day.


Alma wiped her drenched forehead before sitting down in a broken-down wooden chair. The elf had been working tirelessly, but was still inventorying every product that Brigand had sent, and she had to say that the quantities were impressive. Sadly, the market wasn't big enough to accommodate them all, so she would have to keep some in the magical pouches.

"It's coming rather well"

The elf nearly jumped in fright, but she instantly recognized the voice after her brain analyzed it. She disappeared from her chair before reappearing in front of the figure that had entered the establishment.

"Why are you here?"

"It looks like you didn't like my sneaky entrance haha!"

Derrick couldn't help himself and teased Alma, as he wanted to distract himself from what he had just done earlier.

The elf, on her side, was really annoyed that he had slipped past her senses. It looked like the man in front of her was becoming more and more unfathomable...

"Just tell me why you're here.."

"I came to check on this place and to tell you the opening date, as well as the conversion prices"

Alma became attentive, as this concerned Brigand's business. She wouldn't tolerate anything that harmed his interests.

"We'll be opening in two days, and the market's opening will be paired with Akata Loans. As for the conversion rate, 100 iron coins equals 1 gold coin. You will be able to change the iron coins you earn at the institution I just mentioned, so don't worry about Brigand coming short on this end. Concerning this place.."

Derrick had just thrown a glance around, but it was time to truly inspect it and ask the price of each item, so he could have a sense of what was going to be sold.

After his short tour and numerous inquiries, he came to one, although obvious, conclusion : expensive. The conclusion in itself wasn't surprising, but he didn't think it would be that bad..

When he thought of the general population in Akata, it clearly wasn't wealthy enough to afford this, and only a few individuals would be able to access these products. This was definitely going to be an issue, as he needed this venture to succeed.

"Alma, do you know how many coins you make on every item?"

The elf was surprised by the question, but answered.

"With the prices we presently have, we make 20% on every item we sell"

Derrick was surprised by the margin, as he expected something much higher. It seemed like Brigand was also aware that these goods were premiums and that a young city like Akata might not necessarily have the capital to really afford them.

This put Derrick in an unviable position.. Alma watched the man mentally wrestle and let him be.

"Cut all the prices by 10%"

Derrick blurted these words out of the blue, stunning the elf who didn't know how to protest. What the hell?


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