Arriving at the training area, I took a look around with a frown on my face. This place was shabby, no weights, no mats, nothing that a modern gym had. Instead it was filled with sandbags, pieces of armor that were weighted, and training dummies. This world took a more practical approach other my hold one but I knew that I could make results from anything.

Putting the armor over my tunic, I pressed two of the buttons on the chest, one to turn it on and the other to put it at the lowest difficulty. The weight wasn't about making resistance for your limbs, instead the weight constantly shifted. This trained your adaptability, and your balance which were two things I needed.

Nikolai was an alchemy nerd, and had never actually come to this place. He was betting on alchemical formulas to strengthen his body once he could make the required recipe. This would be too late in my book, and I wouldn't have any mastery in the skills required to use that strength. I felt like Nikolai was too short sighted to live in this world.

Taking my knife out I turned on the training dummy, which was a low grade wood golem.

'Recipe learned! Low Grade Golem Fundamentals: Can create many different types of low grade golems from any material. The better the materials the better the golem will be.'

This startled me, and I had to hastfully dodge the first strike of the training golem before correcting my stance. The knife flew inside my grip, hooking the arm of the golem before the other knife clawed into the back of its neck forcing it into my knee that was coming up.

My muscle memory was still there it seemed, my unconscious actions making the wooden golem crumble on the ground leaving some other people staring at me in shock. I had taken a few martial arts when I was a child to keep bullies at bay, one of them being Muay Thai the other being Silat. I was never in a fight twice with the same individual.

Picking up the dummy, I activated two at once this time when the two came at me they sadly didn't work together coming towards me like thugs with no skill. Waiting till the right time my foot went out like a cobra and the room filled with the sound of snapping wood. A lot of the other kids looked over to see what was happening, a few getting beaten by their training dummies after taking their eyes from their opponent.

One of the training dummies was laying on the ground with its leg lying about two feet behind it, the knee joint completely destroyed. The other was still charging in recklessly, it's arms up like it was about to do a slam down on my exposed shoulder. Lifting my leg up I felt pain rush along my groin, this body couldn't lift its leg that far and the pain was a warning that I'd rip something if I took it further.

Instead of retreating back, I slammed down my raised foot onto the golem's and tried to move behind it while tripping it. The sand finally moved in the weighted armor, throwing its weight to my back ruining my plan and putting me off balance. Desperately using the claws like hooks, I pieced them deep into the golem's side before they came out with a rip when I fell.

Laying on the ground was me, covered in sweat, having pushed this body well past what it was used to in only a few minutes, aching from its lack of flexibility. I wanted to cry out, curse Nikolai for not training his body at all, but all I could do it gasp for breath. This level of training would not be beneficial.. if it wasn't for the healing I'd get from the mages as I would be in bed for days to recover.

A barrel of water was poured on my body which I was grateful for, a bald head taking up most of my vision. "Why haven't you ever showed up to my training? Do you think your body can use those advanced moves without proper training?" A vein was pulsing distractingly on this man's head. I could not place him at all though even with Nikolai's memories.

"I plan on training it, I was seeing how much my body could handle first. By the way, who are you?" My face turned a bit more curious as his face turned red the vein looking like a volcano about to erupt.

"Y-you.. I've introduced myself five times already to you! I am the martial arts instructor, the one who knows your body inside and out."

My face turned a little afraid as the last sentence hit, "No thanks, I rather dislike training with people.. or other guys feeling up my body." Now regretting using all my energy, I tried to push my body towards the entrance. "Goodbye now teacher, I'll see you some other time!" I suddenly wasn't going anywhere anymore as the instructor placed his foot down on my leg.

"See me some other time my ass, you destroyed two low grade golems, you have potential. You have to be delusional if I'm going to see such a thick calf run away from me without receiving my undivided sculpting. My hands are magic, so just relax."

"Noo!! I don't want the bad touch!" I cried out as used my karambits to claw at the ground trying to get away. Sadly I was not strong enough as the man started to twist my body into weird positions, before just dropping me there.

My body did feel better, but I felt like life had lost all its color. I will never speak of this day, and you all will die for witnessing it. Glaring at the people scattered around me to relay my message several children started shaking, going back to their fights hurriedly. Some whistles as they left as if to say, "I saw nothing, leave me out of this."

"Rest for a day, come back on Friday. If you don't I'll come look for you personally." The instructor smiled, which made me lose confidence in my hiding capabilities. Looking at him now, he reminded me of a monk from some animes I had seen when I was growing up. His hands surely made me feel like this was the perverted monk archetype of a lot of animes too. "Usually a body has a limiter on it that makes it so you can't overtax your body like this, I don't know how you got past that but good job."

It's because yesterday I could use more strength than this even while I was dying. This is unfair, give memy golden monkey body so I can get more powerful anytime I get beaten up! "I need to bathe until tomorrow." A sigh slipped my lips as I walked out of the room. I had only been in there for about twenty minutes. This was a worthless body, I should have started with cardio, and I paid for my ignorance with my innocence.


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