"Each night when I go to sleep, I die, and the next morning when I wake up I am reborn!" Truer words were never spoken Gandi. My whole body felt refreshed, stronger, nimbler like chains that once encased my body are slowly becoming undone.

I'd need to train my body again today, the usefulness of those white mages would soon expire. They should only be staying around for this week, hopefully more now that I got Joshua's name.

Yesterday was a day well spent, it got me to a better starting point for my training, and now I knew what I had to do. Ringing the bell that now hung beside my bed, I stretched as I waited for them.

Instead of sending three like normal only the girl from yesterday showed up, her hair tied into a bun like some type of sepertary today. It was rather cute that she tried to dress up her appearances even if she did it thinking me a pervert.

"Gather two baths, and two sets of training outfits make sure one of them fits you. Also have someone bring enough food for two meals for both of us, you'll be training with me. Lastly bring the materials that I asked for to my room with a fresh set of morning tea. Thank you.." I paused embarrassed, I had never gotten her name.

"This one is named Jade, young master." She bowed before leaving the room, confused but not asking questions.

Have you ever worked out alone? It was less motivating than working with a partner, at this time she was the only one I'd trust to be my partner since I couldn't dictate other's training regiments. Plus having her move quicker between my orders could only benefit me.

My father in my past life had always said one needed three good servants to make things efficient, three good friends to make life peaceful, and three great passions to make life meaningful. He had a strange obsession with the number three, he said something about religion at one point and the power of three but I had never paid attention.

After stretching fully, I was happy with the results, my body had become much more flexible. I still couldn't raise my leg above my head, but a high kick was now possible. Shadow boxing filled up the time between Jade leaving and coming back, a training uniform already tied to her waist. I had learned yesterday from looking around tunics were not commonly used in the training room.

Two tubs were placed down by two servants, and another two brought in barrels of rocks. Four more would be coming with the paint supplies, food and tea. "Stretch now, we will train after food and tea."

She nodded, taking out a parcel from her waist, handing them over to me. "Your father heard of your training and sent riders this morning to give you two martial techniques that would benefit you."

Opening the parcel, I looked at the two books, martial arts techniques of this world used mana to a enhance the body for close combat. The two books were simple, and only contained a few pages detailing the flow of mana, they were basically training manuals getting your body used to mana flowing through it.

Destructive Knee was the first one, which gave an explosive amount of speed for a moment and created a barrier around the left and right kneecap protecting it from damage. The other was Tiger Cub's Claw which accelerated the momentum of your arms as you moved your arm creating more power and speed to catch your enemy off guard. Utilizing both would temper the muscles of my arms and legs with mana increasing training speeds.

After reading them over I handed both to Jade, "You will learn these as well." She nodded without complaint, her expression lighting up, she didn't have any techniques to speak of just like me so this would benefit her as well. I personally just wanted to see my capabilities compared to others but for her these techniques would cost her a few month's salary.

Now it was time to do something I had been putting off, sitting down I started slowly correcting the flaws I found in my circuit as more objects started to be pulled into the room. Most of my flaws where areas which leaked into other pathways making it harder for me to cast creation magic without having to use a lot more mana to make up for the leaks. Like filling a cup with water when it had cracks in it, I sealed the leaks.

After an hour I was done, feeling refreshed as the mana seemed to run through its circuit about twice as fast without those imperfections in it. This would allow me to gather up energy faster as well, which was needed for anyone practicing magic.

Jade shut the second book a few moments later and nodded, "Okay, I understand how to use these techniques."

Without a formal education this was considered an amazing speed, she was worth cultivating. I made a note to make medication for her in the future. "Then it's time to train."

Quickly changing into the training clothes we left my room, walking to the training area. The dummies this time were replaced and working in top condition, setting her up on the wooden golems I went over to the stone ones activating two.

As it came in I used the destructive knee against it pushing as much mana into it as I could, slamming into its gut. It naturally bowed forward and I used tiger cub claws on its head as it tried to grapple me. The result was a pile of rubble where its head was, and blood dripping down my palms.

"Ah!" The other tried to take advantage of the pause but I used destructive knee again exploding through the golem. There was no protection on my hands when I used the tiger cub claws, I had forgotten about that fact. If I used my fists more than likely they'd be broken by now.

The golem stood up and something changed about it, a light appearing in its eyes as it got into a stance. With my increased sensitivity to mana I could tell there was someone controlling the golem now. I rushed at it immediately, crashing my knee forward with the mana shield whistling.

The golem caught my leg with two hands, jumping back as it did to get rid of the force of my knee. In response I tried smashing down my arms which it countered with a twist of my leg to spin me around my hand landing on the ground.

Magic flared up around me, my legs sliding under its arms the mana going into them as I flipped myself. In midair the golem smashed its fists into my sides, making a cracking sound fill my mind as pain radiates up my body. The ground shook as the golem's head smashed against the ground, a cracking coming from its whole body.

The surroundings went quiet immediately as one of the other kids suddenly coughed up blood, my eyes glowing as I forced a mana into the connection between the golem and the man. This was one of the weaknesses about taking control of a puppet, though my mind was blank with my rage.

"Die!" I yelled at the golem a new rush of mana pouring into it, the kid screaming as he held his head in too much pain to break the connection. The air started swirling slowly as I began to drain the mana around me, attacking his connection like a wild animal as I got up.

Dragging the golem behind me, I started walking to where the screaming was coming from. I needed to destroy him, cripple him, grind him to dust that way people would second guess attacking me. Subconsciously I activated the golem spell as it was the only one I knew that was long range.

A deeper scream filled the room as suddenly his arm deformed ripping off of his body, that broke my concentration as the mass of flesh and bones turned into a little demon bones all over its body ready to rip into something. Its body jumped forward tearing apart the child's leg as he fearfully tried to crawl away.

"Kill kill, death death, feeeeeel paaaaaain.." the little devil laughed as it lunged again ripping apart the other leg.

Two shadows appeared suddenly turning into two men that watched the scene unfold. One man spoke up seeming uninterested in the events happening, "This kid needs training in magic."

"Eh, he let loose a demon spell." The other agreed, watching as the child fought against the small demon. One child tried to swing a wooden sword at the demon only to lose a large chunk of his stomach.

With two kids bleeding and yelling one of the seniors got annoyed, swinging a blade that killed the two kids and the demon. "Let this be a lesson, don't try and be a hero." The senior looked over to Nikolai, nodding his head.

"Creation mage?" The other asked as the first started wiping blood off of his sword, the weapon alone let them know he was an official alchemist. One could not touch another weapon while in training.

"Yes," I didn't dare act arrogant around them, but I did not take a step back.

"You're assigned to Solomon, he will teach you the Law of Creation that is the fundamentals of creation magic. You will show up in two days time, give your servants this." A letter was thrown at him with a silver coin. "The letter is items needed for his class, the coin is your identity token as his disciple."

With a look at the coin I frowned a bit, "Did I really lose myself to magic?"

"The spell was filled with emotion, and intent. It was a spell of malice and destruction. Keep it under control or you will get punished." The one with the blade answered before sheathing his blade. "Good job, if you can learn control it then you will have an advantage over other mages."

"Don't corrupt the kid Max, you just want to be the one to cut off his head if he goes insane."

"Haha, we've been partners for too long." The senior smiled bashfully since he'd been caught. They both turned away and seemed to disappear from sight immediately. Cheerful bickering happening between the two men was heard even though I couldn't see them.

"It seems things are more dangerous than even I thought." I looked to the two corpses feeling my stomach clench, but I forced myself not to puke. There was no punishment after I killed two of my peers, in fact I got rewarded. Reaching down I took the small cloth bag on both of their hips of their personal possessions they couldn't leave behind in their rooms.

Checking the bags I was pleasantly surprised to find a few gold coins in one of the bags, probably payment from whoever sent this kid after me. I had never met this person in my life, so it was safe to say that the hostility of the child was from someone behind the scenes.

As my heartbeat slowed, the adrenaline draining from my body it was filled with pain. My body slumped to the ground, both from exhaustion, and pain. A few of my ribs were definitely broken, but considering the other guy I feel as if I made out ahead.

Laughter washed away my pain, and my stress as tears formed in my eyes, I didn't even understand the well of emotions building up inside of me. That's the day that I gained the nickname that would follow me till my death, "The Laughing Devil."


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