"Itching poison, paranoia gas, fatigue poison, numbing agent, and finally bone locking poison. Man you took a lot of resources to capture, now you should tell me who your employer is." I kneeled down next to his body, staring at the man with interest, my hands taking off the armor and other tools off his body.

"They've probably been informed of your capture already you know, and I can not let them know what I'm capable of. I think you realize that.." Pulling out a small bottle I tested it, with a smile on my face I nodded. "Body eraser, nice stuff."

The stiff look of the man became serious, then worried as he tried to move again. He needed another three hours before he would be able to fight back and maybe escape. Opening his mouth to stall for time a cloth was shoved into it, "I can't validate anything you say, it would only feed my suspicions so please die quietly."

Using both of my hands I slammed down my dagger into his neck, as the warm blood splattered across my hands I sighed. His body was reinforced through body training, and mana so it took several times for the knife to finally kill him.

That gut sinking feeling came back but this time it was less, I didn't feel like I needed to puke this time. "Three people already have died because of me."

Casting corpse golem, several times a series of little devils came out of the man's clothes, for some reason these creatures didn't need mana to maintain. Their spiky exteriors twisted around as they turned to eat the rest of the corpse of the man.

"Nope, nope.. " Puke hit the ground as I held my gut, this was not something I wanted to see any more of. The sounds of ripping, tearing, and wet smacking sounds filled the room as tears ran down my eyes. "Why does this feel worse, it's just a corpse.."

After I calmed down and the sounds stopped, I looked at the little demons. I was surprised to find they were all a little bit bigger. One of them hissed at the others to make them take a step back as it looked at me, it the largest of the six corpse golems. "Life bringer! Kill for life bringer. Life is life bringer's!"

Pointing to myself, I looked at the little guy, "Life bringer, Nikolai." Pointing to it, "Little demon, Luci!" Looking at the others that were fearful of their big brother I didn't name them, if I was going to have a few of these guys in the future I'd run out of names of devils I knew.

The little demon pounded its chest with glee, "Luci is I! Life bringer, Nikolai gave name!" The others make a hissing, clicking noise that I could only assume with congratulations, Luci beaming with pride.

The little hissing group of demons were made a home. They seemed a little obsessed with defining a leader so I gave Luci my pillow letting it sit high above the rest, he seemed rather giddy over the prospect, bragging to the others, "Life giver give gift to Luci!"

These golems were smart for a golem and had their own life, this fascinated me as I didn't have to make a circuit for them. According to my resource golems shouldn't act this way until I reached advanced golem making.

Ringing the bell, Jade came to the room rather quickly her eyes immediately going to the little demons but not asking any questions. "Every day, bring at least a hundred pounds of meat along with my usual breakfast."

"Bloody!" Luci interjected.

"Yes, the fresher the better. If you can bring living monsters here then that would be outstanding." My request was a bit unorthodox, but it shouldn't be outside of Jade's capabilities to get. "Also, how rare is it to have a familiar?"

"N-not strange at all, but I've never seen a creature such as this." She was obviously perturbed by their appearance. It made sense since they looked like white emaciated humans with sharp bones all over their body. Their spine continued on to make a tail that dragged on the ground with a spear like appendage at the end. It's teeth were small, but they were sharp made for tearing flesh.

"So having one of them with me will not cause much of an issue, thank you." Nodding my head I called Luci over. "Luci, we're going to train you in magic."

"Make Luci a life giver?" The devil looked interested.

"No, you will train in the magic of the greatest devil to exist, who you're named after. You shall practice light magic!" The eyes of the little devil became wider with anticipation with each word, jumping off the pillow with gusto as he grinned manically.

"I-I don't think that's such a good idea." Jade may have never heard of the devil named Luci, but she knew about devils. They were spawned from dark and evil spellcasters which made her question the motives of her young master. To report this would be suicide though, the church would start an all out war against the Nightingales if it was true that he was raising devils.

"Don't worry, they're only golems, but don't they look exactly like what you'd imagine a devil to look like?" I whispered to Jade with a smile before nodding my head. "Your name Luci translates to light in an ancient language that isn't spoken in these lands. Now, I'll teach you how to make a circuit for light in your body."

Anyone with an affinity to magic studies most of the circuits that can be used for each magic, practicing them every day before they decide on the one that they'll use for life so the light circuit was something I knew. Pressing my mana into him was easy as he was one of my creations, so showing him the path of a circuit was rather simple. In a few moments the little guy was sitting on the ground, making his small amount of mana follow the path I lay for him.

"Once you've gathered three drops of mana within your body, I will teach you a spell called flash. It's a simple spell with no offensive abilities but it will be your stepping stone for greatness!" Looking at him with a fire of passion the little devil gripped his fist tightly staring off into the distance as if trying to see his own future.

"Luci will be strong, make life giver proud! Make Mama proud!"

"Mama?" I tilted my head, and Luci pointed at Jade. "Oh Jade, you have a child now. Feed him well!"

Using the shadow tool, I vanished from sight leaving a very red faced servent standing there shocked at my teasing. My disappearance made her actually curse at me as I ran away down the hall. I needed some fresh air after killing the spy in my room, so I headed to the garden.


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