"Crowley.." The Nymph felt there was something powerful behind this name, also this wasn't the first time someone changed their name here. She was curious of the connection, and had an obviously disappointed look. Whatever she was planning didn't happen as we left that place without being disturbed.

After we got back to her spring, we both went our separate ways both of us with plans. Hers was probably messing with a few more people, mine however was to get some rest. Today had been a long day again, I expected that no more of my days would be as quiet as they were before my rebirth.

Slipping from the garden to my room I made my peace with my bed, crawling into it, and once my head hit the pillow I fell into the world of dreams. Unlike the calm demeanor I had when I was awake my night was filled with nightmares. Hundreds of bloodied hands gripped to my clothes dragging me down into the ground, a woman standing over my body. "I was the first, but I surely won't be the last."

The woman was the nurse who I had killed in my previous life, her face twisted into a mocking smile as she watched me get dragged into the ground. "Blood will stain every part of your body, your only companion being the souls that haunt you."

As dirt and gravel covered my mouth, and ears I could see her laughing like a maniac before grabbing a shovel and pouring it over the last bit of my head. Somehow I saw a tombstone above the ground which I was buried, words deep in black on the white stone, "Here lies a villain, a murderer, struck down by his family when he went astray."

In the soil, I let out the last of my breath to scream letting out the fear, and agony that plagued my mind. The scream echoed through the room, the sheets of the bed sticking to my body dripping with sweat. A pair of eyes stared at me from the other side of the bed, a hint of worry in them.

"Lifegiver feeling alright?" Something has changed about this little devil.

Changing the subject, I shook my head, "No worries little one, how do you feel? You seem different.. "

"Luci feels more stable after creating a circuit, also after a day we feel stronger." Unlike the others that liked starved and malnourished, Luci actually had muscles. Judging from the way he was talking, his mind had also grown in that time.

Food was delivered at the proper time, and Luci and I ate first much to Luci's pleasure. After both of us were done we let the others eat from the feast as well. Strength builds benefits, so the second one to eat also gained his own circuit and a name.

"Abigar, you are the ruler of fate and an adviser. Second only in my eyes by Luci, take the circuit of fate and learn from the tides of time." With a smirk, I bestowed him a name making it seem like a ceremony at this point as he feared up. Finally recognized by the lifegiver.

These little demons were cute in their own way, I smiled to myself as they rallied around one another to suck up to the newly named devil. Luci seemed annoyed so I pat his back lightly, "Only the strongest and most loyal can be my right hand Luci. I have faith you won't fall behind, magic is the stepping stone to get stronger."

He nodded without any enthusiasm, no in his eyes was determination. Looking up at me after a minute he asked slowly. "I have the mana required. Teach Luci a spell, please."

"The simplest spell a light mage knows, but also his most used is flash." Bringing a ball of light to my fingers, the light started to go off and on like a strobe light. "Do you understand the benefits of this spell?"

"Scare enemies with strange movements?" Between each flash now he was in a different pose trying to look scary. Truth be told, with the way he looked he probably could give a few kids nightmares, but I shook my head with a smile.

"No, it's to dodge their attacks so you can get in close and well.. rip them to shreds in your case. When each flash hits they lose their night vision and you can assassinate them."

Luci thought long and hard, before scratching his chin, "Is assassinate like biting them? Luci can do that rather well, Luci practiced while eating."

"Assassinate means to.. kill in one move. One bite and they're dead."

The little devil gasped, "Luci eat dead things, so Luci can make food with assassina..tes?"

"Yes, you assassinate you get food. Only targets I tell you to assassinate though, or people who threaten me." I thought for a moment, "Also protect yourself and brothers."

"What about mother?" I shrugged then nodded.

Switching my view to the system, I gave the Orcs more orders. Before looking over my resources, before I could a screen appeared.

'Upgradable minions available, resources can be used to improve them.'

"I thought all menus were unlocked?"

'All menus are unlocked for user, you had no upgradable minions so no options were available.'

Opening up their menu, I let out a sigh of relief, they weren't upgraded using upgrade tickets like myself instead it was blood that upgraded them. Also there was a tab for special materials which none were available at the moment. The only blood I could improve them with was my own, so I tried that on Luci.

"L-lifegiver.. you can.. you can not. I am not worthy." He seemed to shed tears as he clenched my arm, trying to cover the hole that appeared thee forcing blood into his mouth.


'Blood dangerously low, stopping upgrade and shutting down user to regain blood.'

"What?" Ringing the bell I yelled at it, "I've lost a lot of blood bring Joshhhhh..." I fell to the ground, feeling faint before my vision turned black.


"Our lord likes to get injured, you think he's a masochist?" Joshua asked, a ball of healing light floating above Nikolai's body as he sighed.

"I-I surely hope not. I don't want to see him like this ever again if I have to." She couldn't help but feel powerless, not only due to the fact that Nikolai was passed out on the ground but also the little creature her master made was crying and using her dress as a hankerchief.

The image of these things being vicious little killers was broken completely as the little guy cried out, "Luci was given blood by master, momma, I didn't want to take it but he poured it down my throat! Luci didn't mean to drink too much! Has the lifebringer been assassinated?! I don't want to eat lifebringer."

"Why would he eat Nikolai?" Joshua looked confused at Jade who could only shrug.

"These are his golems, apparently they eat meat." She said such an astounding fact like it was common sense.

"Wait these aren't familiars?!" The ball of light nearly shattered but Joshua kept it stable even with his mind a mess. "You do realize that this information can not be told to a soul."

"What? Why? Can't all creation wizards create golems?" Jade tilted her head, as she patted Luci's who seemed to calm down from it.

"Creation wizards can not create life, I don't know what he did to be able to use this spell but he would definitely be presumed a heretic if this was found out. It's only the goddess's place to create life."

"Lifebringer bring life, not create it. If lifebringer could create life he would be a god, not lifebringer." Luci scolded the two.

Jade gasped a bit, bringing her hands to her mouth, "Nikolai killed someone?"

"He's an alchemist, is that surprising? That is their job." Joshua looked at Jade confused, and noticed that she was very confused right now.

Sitting down, she chose to explain herself, "Do you know why he chose creation magic?"

"So he didn't have to interact with his blacksmith family."

A sad smile went across her lips as she nodded a bit, "That and he once said he wanted to be able to create a place where he could sit down and just read. A place where violence was just contained in his stories." She placed a hand on her young master's face. "Ever since he came back he has become a man who can survive in this world, I only pity the Nikolai that had to die to make him the man he is today."

"Childish dreams die when you don't have the power to be naive anymore, Jade."

"Yes, that is true, maybe I have been his servant too long. I'm starting to feel like a mother to him, and I'm only three years older." She shook her head, "Lady Nightingale I wish you were here to see your son, he is no longer the boy you left behind. I fear though, he is broken."


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