The forest from what I learned from Zack was like an infection spreading up any time it was terraformed. One would think that would be a blessing being able to constantly cut the trees, but when beasts that could tear apart the average person prowl those trees it makes cutting down trees a warrior's job. For those lumberjacks, they were happy since it kept the price of wood high since getting it was filled with constant danger.

This made stone and metal the main ingredients for construction, even beast skins were less expensive than wooden buildings. This also showed why archers were a profession that was only a weapon for the rich, I wasn't willing to spend that much gold on Jade's weapon so I had to improvise.

When we reached the edge of the forest the vegetation seemed to almost magically stop as if someone had drawn a line in the dirt. One step would take us from the flat grassy land outside of it into the dense vegetation of the forest itself. Zack had stopped us from entering, drawing a machete from his hip, and equipping his shield.

"From here on, always have your weapons and awareness sharp and ready." He looked back to us, his glasses replaced by a pair of goggles of the same prescription.

All of us nodded, Joshua taking out two gauntlets that armored his whole arm, Jade took out her metal composite bow, and I didn't touch anything as my weapons were always in hand reach. I did however nod down to my golem, her sword coming undone and put in front of her.

"Is that how you're going to fight? Standing behind your golem will make this job a lot easier, just avoid attacks from behind." Zack turned his attention to the forest, starting to cut a path forward. When he looked back only Joshua was following, Jade and I nowhere to be seen. "Where did you go?"

I was completely distracted so Jade notified him we were using the trees to travel as they were more convenient for us. My mind though was finally relaxing, like my muscles have been tense this whole time and I was finally home. Taking a fruit from the tree, I bit into it knowing subconsciously that it wasn't poisonous, and was ripe to eat. The actual taste of it wasn't too bad, so I nodded.

"Gather this fruit, with how gluttonous you guys are our reserves won't last as long as I want." I thrust out my hand and give shadows flew out into the forest.

"There's a small lake to our north, we should set up base camp near there." Zack started cutting more of the vegetation around him as he slowly trudged forward, with us in tow.

By the time we made it to the small clearing where the lake was, everyone was out of breath except for myself. Each one of them was cursing me with their eyes though, since not only was I not tired, I looked like I was taking a stroll through the forest.

None of them thought I was taking the forest seriously enough since I kept plucking fruit, and berries from the trees rather randomly. Zack wasn't sure if it was luck or knowledge but everything i had picked was not poisonous, he was waiting for the chance to scold me. Joshua was cursing me since I never taught him how to move along the trees like I had Jade. Lastly Jade was glaring because I obviously held things back with how I looked like I was just walking the branches seeming to place themselves under my foot.

"Hey, Joshua, is Nikolai half elf? He seems too comfortable in the forest. I've only seen him this relaxed while reading." Zack was gathering leaves to dry out and wood, as he made a small campfire with prepared wood he had with him. The only one not huddled around the fire was myself as I stared at the water.

When a lump of fruits ended up at my side I pointed at the water. "Kill the fish cleanly and you can eat half the bounty."

Several splashes were heard before fish started flying out from the water, the golem at my side using her sword to 'protect' me batting any fish coming at me to the side. She'd need a charge here soon, but she was dancing around me with a bunch of gusto.

Joshua, and Zack who didn't know about my little demons were staring slackjaw at the rain of fish around me as I looked back, "I don't know how to prepare the fish for dinner. Teach me."

Zack got up, handling one of the fish and skillfully ran a knife through it, showing me each movement he was making. Several minutes later I was cutting my own fish, and I underestimated the hunger of my demons as fish kept flying in the air for the next hour. When the smell of fish on the fire came to its peek I whistled, my little demons lining up beside me covered in water.

"What the hell are those?" Joshua and Zack both yelled out.

"My golems. They are an advanced spell and can progress naturally." Biting into the fish, scales and all I started ripping into it. The flavor poured into my mouth in waves as I activated my gluttony spell, I wasn't even sure myself why I bit into it the way I did but I was famished. The spell seemed to be making my stomach hunger for more naturally, even without the spell active.

Joshua shook his head, "Half human, half goblin, half elf if we go by what I know so far. Everything is honestly out of the norm with Nikolai, I stopped trying to figure out half of the things he does."

If it wasn't for the fact that they were hungry themselves, the three of them would just watch as I devoured the fish. All three of them were worried I would dig into their fish as well once I got done with my own share. Even the little demons had gathered their fish into the trees so I couldn't see that they had stuff left, trying to shove as much as they could into their gullets afraid for what would happen if they don't.

After I was done I found that some of the ones I ate hadn't even been cooked, this spell was dangerous if I'm not paying attention. Unlike the others who had piles of bones, and heads my area was completely clean with nothing to be seen.

The only reason I had stopped was because my danger sense was tingling. Noticing my tense look, Zack pulled out his sword, getting to his feet. The fire must have brought beasts to us, as I could feel disturbances in the bushes around us.

Within several seconds we were surrounded but I had yet to see a single hair of an enemy. Two daggers slid to my hands as I felt they would attack soon, Joshua was beside Jade to protect her as she pulled an arrow at the ready.

My body was pumped up and excited for battle, a hint of hunger coming back to me as I still haven't stopped my spell until all the fish was digested. A part of my mind wanted to eat these creatures while the life left their eyes, to drink from their warm blood.

As a signal for the start to battle, a fierce howl came from the bushes as a bunch of coyote looking beasts came out. Their bodies were all covered in patches of fur and rippling muscles like a bulldog. The smallest of these crazed looking dogs came up to my shoulders, like a guardian to the gates of the underworld though the leader came out of the bushes with three heads.

"A tier two beast, if we could I would suggest we should run." Zack looked around, and since we were surrounded we knew that only a fight was in store for us.

A bit of high pitched laughter came out of the trees, "Life bringer bring us powerful meat!"

"I call the right eye!"

"I want its tongue!"

"Luci gets the heart!"


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