[Choice accepted! The body will undergo a transition to accommodate the abilities of a Necromancer! Beginning procedures!]


An indescribable pain suddenly surged in Derrick's body. It felt like all his cells were being destroyed and recreated from scratch. He, who had just suffered from the backlash of getting a new body, realized he made a mistake by not waiting for a full recovery.

He could only grit his teeth in agony and endure. After a few minutes, it was simply too much, and he lost consciousness.


A couple of hours later, he slowly woke up and still felt quite dizzy. He was limp from the severe reaction of the transition.

''That's what happens when you don't think and get caught up in the flow of things... I almost lost my life because I was stupid... Oh well, now everything's done. Let's see what I got! System, show me my stats!''

[Derrick Tarlin, 16 years old (Body), 37 years old (Mind)]

[Class : Necromancer]

[Strength : 2.0]

[Agility : 0.8]

[Endurance : 1.2]

[Vitality : 1.8]

[Magic Power : 5.0]

[Traits : Enhanced Body, Enhanced Vision, Death's Valet]

[Skills : Appraisal, Contract (0/2), Summoning (0/1)]

[New trait! Death's Valet will give you the ability to encounter the souls of every creature dying near you before they are lost in the void!]

[New skill! Contract is the ability to make a contract with a recently diseased creature. This skill may evolve as the user grows!]

[New skill! Summoning is the ability to summon one of your contracted souls as a body of flesh! Its original abilities will be amplified by 10%. This skill may evolve as the user grows!]

''Shit! I knew it... I damaged my body quite a bit by not waiting... However, I still gained a lot in other areas''

After resting and comprehensively read everything, Derrick started to wonder about his location.

''It's nice to get all this, but I still need to leave this cave! Where is the exit?''

He started poking around the dark cave and finally found a little hole, in which he could barely fit his rather big body. The hole lead to another cave, which was completely different from the previous one.

It was enormous. However, the light was still very dim inside. In the middle of the space was a small lake being nourished by a water fall coming from the roof. Large stalactites also protruded menacingly from it. The scene baffled Derrick.

''Such a huge place! It definitely leads to the outside world... I just have to find the correct path, and we're all set''

Although it had already been a day since Derrick had 'received' his new body, he was still not hungry. He estimated that he could last 20 to 30 days in his current condition, which was miraculous.

While discovering the entirety of the space, he suddenly saw dark red eyes looking in his direction. The malicious gaze sent shivers down his spine.

''What... what is this thing?!''

It looked like a mix of a bat and an eagle. Its body, covered in glistening black feathers, was the same size as Derrick and its wingspan was around 5 meters. Its sharp fangs and long black beak were emitting a strange liquid, as if salivating at the idea of meal falling in its lap.

''System, what the fuck is this!???''

Derrick started to panic while facing the monstrosity. He still didn't have a lot of fighting power and his two skills were currently useless to him. He would have to either run or fight to the death. Derrick had a second chance at life, and he was not about to squander it.

[Using appraisal skill!... This is a Nightmare Bat. Thought to be extinct. Here are its stats...]

[Nightmare Bat]

[Strength : 4.0]

[Agility : 2.5]

[Endurance : 3.0]

[Vitality : 1.0]

[Magic Power : 1.0]

[Trait : Echolocation (Allows it to locate prey without using its vision)]

[Weakness : Cannot swim]

''Are you kidding me?! What am I supposed to do with a weakness like that???''

[Appraisal skill will evolve and be more precise if its user grows stronger]

''That's one passive-aggressive system right there... AH! Curse this place!''

After seeing the terrorizing stats of his opponent, Derrick's remaining confidence went down the drain. He was trying to identify his retreat path, and he would fight to live another day.

Suddenly, a desperate idea crawled in his brain. His gaze still on the horrifying bird, he started inching in the direction of the lake. He had 100 meters to go to reach it, which would probably take him 10 seconds in a mad dash. Every inch he could gain right now would give him a better survival rate.


The Nightmare Bat hissed loudly as if guessing the intent of Derrick and instantly charged at him!

''AHH! Why am I always in these stupid situations! AHHHHHHHHH!''

Derrick was dashing like a mad cheetah towards the water. He had managed to place himself between the water and the creature, which had given him a head start. The bat was flying at a demonic speed, making up most of the ground between them. It was pointing its huge talons at Derricks' back, ready to mince him and finish the kill. They were almost over the lake when he decided to jump and spin in the air. He was now face-to-face with the bat.


When the creature realized what was happening, it was already too late. Before Derrick's jump, he had aimed for one of the bats' wing and was now firmly grabbing it, not letting go. The monster howled in regret as it fell from the sky like a rock.


With their velocity, they both arrived in the water. The bat's struggle was fierce, but short-lived. In its panic, it opened its mouth, flooding up its lungs. After a minute, it started to sink at the bottom of the lake, which made Derrick let go. He swam to the shore and breathed heavily while laying on his back.

''I must have done something wrong in my previous life! Why the hell is this always happening to me?!''

While cursing his luck, a window appeared.

[Would you like to make a Contract with the Nightmare Bat?]

Shock appeared on his face, followed by a sinister smile.

''This is what they mean by getting fortune from terrible situations...''


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