''Ah?! What is this? Have I finally gone crazy?''

Derrick looked at the prompt and started to study it. He couldn't grab it, nor could he make it disappear. Its glow was the sole light in the area.


[Would you like to take revenge? Yes/No]

Once again, the characters flashed in front him.

''Shit... It can't be worse than what's happening right now... Yes, I want to take revenge!''

[Selection accepted! Beginning transfer of host in a new body... 10%...33%...71%...94%...100%. Moving Host to a new location on the continent...]

A vortex of light suddenly appeared, clearing the darkness that shrouded him. Everything afterwards went too fast.

Before he could even make sense of what was going on, he was already opening his eyes. His whole body ached and his brain felt like it was being torn apart. The sizzling headache was probably the worst one he ever had.

''What the hell? Have I really been revived?? Is it my old body? No... This is different...''

His breathing was rough and the intense pain was unbearable. He was forced to close his eyes and relax.

A couple of hours later, when the pain started dissipating, he tried to move once more.

''So... I was reborn. And... Uh? I'm naked?! Well, it's a new body, so it would have been weird to already have clothes on...''

There was hardly any light. After observing his surroundings, he deducted that he was in a small cave. Surprisingly, his vision was quite good, and he was able to make sense of a great deal of things around him.

''This new body of mine... Wow... I've really done it!''

After finding a small puddle of water that could be used like a mirror, he started inspecting himself. His body was that of a young man of approximately 16 years old. He had a sturdy physique, and was quite handsome. He was also quite tall.

His past brown hair turned golden and his green eyes now had an unfathomable depth to them. After finishing his inspections, Derrick's expression grew serious. He had never heard of anything like that happening to anyone.

''I remember seeing a system of sorts when I was drifting in the dark... where is it now? Has it vanished?''

Without finishing his train of thoughts, a window appeared in his consciousness.

[System : Nemesis] [Welcome Derrick Tarlin! You have been granted a second opportunity to take your revenge. Here are your current stats]

[Derrick Tarlin, 16 years old (Body), 37 years old (Mind)]

[Class : None]

[Strength : 1.5]

[Agility : 1.0]

[Endurance : 1.0]

[Vitality : 2.0]

[Magic Power : 1.0]

[Traits : Enhanced body, Enhanced vision]

[Skills : Appraisal]

''Well... This is quite interesting... I never thought that I'd get a second chance like this! System, what do those stats mean? What's a class?''

[The stats are based on the values of a common citizen. Values of 1 mean they are on par with them, and every extra point is multiplicative. Your vitality of 2 means it's twice as good as the average citizen]

[A class is a path that you choose and it will grant you skills and traits related to it. You may even create your own skills if your mastery becomes high enough]

''I see... How do I choose a class?''

[The system can grant you a list of Classes to choose from. Would you like to see it?]

''Yes! Also, show me all their descriptions''

[The system has 5 classes to choose from : Necromancer, Sorcerer, Spartan, Hunter and Berserker]

[Necromancer : Specialized practice of dark magic involving communication with the dead – either by summoning their spirits as apparitions or raising them bodily. This class will allow you to summon or tame more entities the more you grow. It's a rare and powerful class, but it is also despised]

[Sorcerer : Practice of magic using their knowledge. In the magical world, they are jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. It's an uncommon class. They are respected as scholars who pursue the path of truth and are well viewed wherever they go]

[Spartan : A warrior class that has a very high ceiling in terms of military prowess. They are able to master all weapons and develop a keen sense of fighting tactics. Their body strength is next to none, and they possess unparalleled agility. They are common in the general population, but their mastery shown in this class is basically nonexistent]

[Hunter : A tracking class that specializes itself in its sneaky, highly effective assaults. They are able to display a high level of ingenuity and rarely fight on the front lines. They can be compared to assassins. Their tracking ability also evolves with the host each time he succeeds in capturing his prey. Their memory capacity is next to none]

[Berserker : A tank-type class that specializes itself in pure, unrestrained brute strength. Its might is incomparable and the vitality displayed is frightening. The backlash of such a class is their inhuman blood-lust that makes them lose their rationality. They are usually the trump card to win wars. It's also a rare class that terrifies the populace]

After reading through everything thoroughly, Derrick started pondering. Right now, he was in an unfamiliar environment, devoid of anything but rocks and soil.

Without weapons, the Spartan class was useless. His knowledge was also nonexistent, which eliminated the Sorcerer class. Without materials to make traps, being a Hunter was also not ideal. Derrick also liked being clear-headed at all times, which only left one option : a Necromancer.

''Ah... I guess being a loner again is unavoidable... However, all I need to do is become powerful enough to just destroy all that stands in my path, which doesn't sound too bad...''

A smile started to show on his new face. He would be viewed as a heretic that practiced dark arts, but he couldn't care less. What he wanted was to make those creatures pay. He would never feel that powerless ever again. The resolution in his eyes grew more fierce and an inextinguishable fire of lust for power was lit.

''System, I want to be a Necromancer!''


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