The dude orc was done with his digging leaving the other behind in the dust, holding the shovel in his hand like a sword. Slamming the shovel down he flung the square of dirt and gravel before slashing around twenty times turning them into smaller cubes.

'Task complete!'

The orc gave a thumbs up at the screen, and turned to look over the ground beneath him as if to examine it. Giving the orc ten more orders he nodded and started walking towards one of the other plots. What had taken 20 hours before was now 15 hours, though I couldn't be sure if that was because of the squares or if it was all due to his evolution.

'Resources from excavation (One Chest Found): 14 Iron, 25 Upgrades, 50 Repair, 200 Gold, 100 Wood, 1 Spell Scroll, 4 Recipe Scrolls.'

I drank down my glass of tea slowly, staring at these numbers before immediately all my Lame Orcs were now Dude Orcs. The other one already digging was now done excavating, pulverizing the ground with his fists.

'Resources from excavation: 10 Repair, 15 Upgrades, 20 Mana Crystals (Upgradable), 1 Weapon Art.'

Pulling up information on a few of the items I didn't recognize, the weapon art came up first, it was an item that when you rip it in half it teaches you a universal weapon art. If you ripped two, it would become a weapon art of chosen weapon, and ten ripped at the same time would allow you to choose the art learned. Ripping it to find out the strength of these tickets, a 'Feather Shift' handbook appeared in its place.

Reading the first few pages of it I understood what the use was, it made the user temporarily light with mana. It wasn't powerful at all, but the utility of it was amazing, after mastering the technique it specifies you will be as light as a cicada's wing.

Putting it to the side I grabbed the recipe scrolls, they had the same set up. One for random, two for a specific category, ten to choose your own recipe. "If I rip ten of these tickets can I learn a secret recipe from ancient times?"

'As long as it is in the users capability to create it is available, same with any other ticket. Also the more you rip the more you can specify about the book gained.'

So saving them up until I was stronger is a valid option though one I can not take right now. I ripped all four individually. The four recipes I got were healing balm, torture powder, green house and green grass grower. Healing balm was a basic healing balm that healed over time which was something I had never heard about. Torture powder was a more advanced itching powder that if they scratched it would increase in effectiveness. The one non-alchemical recipe was a building that helped with plant growth. The last was a fertilizer that helped with growing plants.

One of the recipes was something I knew how to make, the green grass grower, according to the system itself I had never registered it so I could receive a duplicate that way. Next was the spell scroll which gave me a spell called, Weapon Manifestation. It simply allowed me to make a weapon that I was familiar with. I tried making a pistol, but sadly I could not create the bullets which made the pistol kind of useless.

The crystals on the other hand were unique, I could use them to increase the purity of my mana through them making it even easier to create and learn creation magic, but again making it harder to learn death magic. With five of the crystals I could upgrade the crystal to a higher purity one so I upgraded the crystal four times, with three crystals left over.

These crystals weren't something original only to me, but they were fairly expensive, each one costing around fifty gold. They were nicknamed specialization stones since once you had a top grade one it was impossible to learn the opposition school of magic. Your mana just could not be converted into the other type.

The mages came and went already as I was assigning the Orcs to their tasks, a series of notifications coming up as I did so. They were about 20% faster now that they weren't lame. Their interactions gaining a few more words "look bro," "sup bro," and "see bro!" I was curious what they would say once they got a better vocabulary.

Repair, there were three options that I really wanted so I settled for upgrading my mana sensitivity as far as it could go. Mediocre gave way to Superb, which gave way to Excellent, which let me see even more flaws in my circuit. Repairing that I ordered Jade to gather every book on creation magic that she could using my identity token.

Strengthening my body further would take some time, plus I had a teacher that would further guide me from here. Supplying mana to my body I felt rejuvenated so I could do without sleep for a night at least, but what Jade brought back even surprised me. 145 books altogether, and a large golden book that looked to be the size of at least 30 of these books.

"Did you rob a bookstore Jade?!" I asked as I gawked at the amount of books coming into my room.

Jade looked just as confused as I did, but shook her head, "I just gave them your token and asked for as many books on creation as I could."

Seeing the token I sighed, I had given her Solomon's token instead of my own it seemed. Since I was already going to get in trouble, I started reading the books one by one starting from beginner magic.

Notifications rang throughout the night:

Minor Tool Creation Learned

Minor Circuit Creation Learned..

In total I learned all the books by the time I came out of the bed, having such a high sensitivity to magic, and having a such a good circuit truly made learning all of this a breeze. Jade was sleeping at the foot of my bed, refusing to go until I went to sleep myself. Sadly the stamina of a 14 year old could not keep her awake for very long.

I had also learned golem creation which was my main goal, these other books were just so the system didn't give me any spells that I had access to. Taking off Jade's bracelet I called a few servants over to return the books to the library, and grab any advanced book on golem creation that they could find.

Since I had a teacher now, I might as well show up as a very valuable pupil so that he'd spend more resources on me. I grinned at the thought though I found that after learning so many spells the creation spells were all utility spells. The most offensive one was golem creation.

I made four golems before getting dressed in training clothes, no longer needing to find clothes I had just conjured them onto my body. One of the atrocious outfits Nikolai loved were turned into my outfit, having been created using mana it was stronger and more elastic than the material I made it from.

"Now for my first lesson." I quickly stretched before heading out the door, little did I know I would come to regret ever leaving my room.


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