"Ah my little trainee has come, let me just feel your advancement!" The bald middle aged man roamed his muscular hands over me, which made me feel disgusted. He was moving me around like a puppet, twisting my body in strange ways before setting me down. "You've improved again."

He was slightly suspicious of my advancement, my body was already stretched out and my body even felt more flexible after this man's touches. I treated them simply as a masseuse's hands since the weird touches were beneficial, but I would have preferred if he was a woman.

Slamming his hand down, the instructor made six small platforms. "No magic, which one can you jump to from a stationary position?"

After jumping a few times, I found my limit to be the fifth one. On the sixth I stared at it, dropping down and using my momentum I jumped up using my the ability to turn myself light as a feather and landed on it. The martial technique didn't use any mana, but instead required the mana to circle my body in a strange way.

The bald man frowned at this, "Do you know why we practice working with speed and balance?"

"All around us is sand, if the sand shifts we need to have proper footing. If the winds blow, we need to use it to our advantage." I recited from a textbook read years ago.

"Yes, then why do we practice power, and precision?" A kick came out which I narrowly avoided by hopping over it.

"One strike to kill, one step to hide. We strike to kill in one move so we can continue to run, our cargo is precious." The instructor slammed down his foot, and two stones flew up which he threw at me. Both of them were slapped to the sides hitting the ground.

"What do we train for? Is it to kill?"

"Yes, but only when we can't run." Six rocks came quickly at me when I said that, forcing me to jump from one puller to the next.

"Could you run yesterday?"

"No." The pillar exploded as the instructor's leg passed through it, before redirecting the stones back at me. With a flip backwards, I used another piller for a shield as they bashed into it.

"Explain." The bald man was walking over to the weapon rack, and I gulped a little as he choose a staff out.

"Leaving a snake in your bed is only asking to get bit." The staff came at me and I dodged quickly, the pillar now blown apart, there was no way that the instructor was human. He just used a wooden staff to destroy a stone pillar.

"A good quote where is that from?" The man was leisurely swiping at me as I rolled and tumbled, each time the ground getting torn up. This time I didn't have the time to talk between strikes.

"Do you know what the best tool an alchemist has to fight with?" Two flicks smacked lightly against my stomach, making me gasp for air. "Their body! A healthy body lets blood and mana run through their veins at a faster rate. A healthy body is the spring that launches you forward on the battlefield. Everything else is there just to compliment your physical fitness."

Karambits suddenly drawn, I duck under his pole as I dash forward using my knee art. Slicing out with the claws, I feel weightless for a moment before my back smashes against the ground. Twisting my body I land on my feet crouched ready to move.

He was toying with me testing my reaction time, and adaptability in combat, each swing became harder to dodge until he was flipping me around in the air like a pancake. "Damn it!"

Refusing to let this be the end, I reached out two stones ripping from the ground as they both turned into humanoid figures, they both had something like a hydronic rod in both arms. They both grabbed at the bald man, who scoffed at their weak strength about to kick them off.

"Use the can opener!" There was a hiss from both of them before the two stone rods came down on the instructor's legs at an amazing speed.

"Fuck you little guys!" Both of the golems were destroyed in a single kick, rubble crashing against the ground. "Hey this is supposed to train your physical body! Don't use outward magic again."

He was rubbing his legs where two small welts were, as I caught my breath. My body hurt at this point, the constant dodging, jumping and rolling for the past ten minutes were annoyingly effective at wearing me out.

Laying on the ground four about ten minutes, I finally stood up, ready for more punishment like before. "Now we're not going to go back into it for the rest of today. What I want you to do is study this book, and learn it. It's a recovery technique that allows you to restore stamina, and heal injuries faster." A smile grew on the instructor's face. "I'm investing in your future so I can play with your little body more."

The perverted monk ran off to hit other kids with his pole, yelling at them about their stances as he corrected them. All the children were visibly shaken after he passed through, he was gentle with the girls, never getting close and just pointing out their flaws from afar. This just served to piss me off more about his antics, why just pick on the guys?

I ignored him and looked at the manual in my hands, wasn't something that you could easily do which shocked me. Focusing on the manual it seemed like some type of training manual from a light novel, looking at the cover I expected a domineering name. "Healing Breath: Creation" my expectations were ruined.

'Sit cross legged on the floor, shoulders relaxed. Squeeze your thumb along the base of the index finger on both hands for thirty breaths, rotating mana in your body into four double helixes going from the root to the sacral, solar to heart, throat to third eye and crown. The last double helix running along the spine. The double helix shall be constructed as such.."

The book went on for over a hundred pages, talking about how his breath needed to be at a certain frequency, fingers pressing, tapping and holding some pressure points during the process. A single completed rotation would not only heal, and strengthen, but push out impurities. Sadly not through the pores like in most novels but through the bowels.

It mentions in the manual that they were strictly forbidden from using the public toilets after using the manual for the first time. Since that was the case, there was no way I would be using my room, I choose a room at random when I was walking back to my room. Using the technique I immediately felt the urge to use the restroom, which I did and immediately left feeling guilty.

Not twenty minutes later I heard someone yelling to the heavens, swearing his undying revenge on the person who destroyed his future by burning away his senses. I could only pray for him, burning an incense in my room in the memory of his sense of smell. I'm sure he'll be alright by tomorrow, I hoped.


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